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digestion was excluded it was improbable that there had been any
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large doses with impunity salicylic acid even in small doses produces
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days previous to calling on me she had almost continuous palpi
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course of the last five years Dr. Katz has met with
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regards maHgnant disease carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater is
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mitted on the same footing as boys each of whom required a
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microbe and on other unknown factors. These results agree with those
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In this connection the case of Eeg. v. George Dale and Agnes
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their genital organs well developed about the 175th segment or 25 cm.
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valuable clue to the diagnosis of the malady for frequently it will be
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cage and was chloroformed for autopsy. The autopsy proved
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wise that each flexion of the finger is recorded by an
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developed cardiospasm which lasted several hours and recurred
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quepee. To prove this the bacillus was injected into
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diphtheria have been sufficiently detailed in the preceding pages. The
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often with a carpet there the chance of dust infec
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and T are not. Nor would it seem probable that a modified
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are Gram positive though they differ in not being acid
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method of diagnosis. It is simple and usually of easy per
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nerves is given in detail. Experience has shown that such an
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little introflexed seeds numerous small. Biennials with slender stems
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April 8 the patient suddenly developed acute respiratory distress
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central parts of the fenforium before it is peculiarly exerted at the
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disability who were enlisted during the latter part of 1919 and 1920.
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Immediately after the second injection the heart action
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our fellow beings in the very acme and zenith of a suc
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bleeding in fever and pointed out tJie circumstances under vvhich they might
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in eight cases all of which recovered. With one ex
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that arterial system. The view generally held supposes that an
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suddenly may be due physically to dilatation of the
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to the reflexes of pleural irritation not traceable
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operation 708 Self performed surgical operations 708 Instances of extensive
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so entangled in the connective tissue outgrowth that it is hard to
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A number of canteens have been established in the schools
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get the instrument past and on that ground 1 dropft an ex
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been chipped off by the rongeur were replaced over the sewn dura.
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drachm of this solution being sufificient to convert
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hand. This would seem the natural direction of procedure
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The skim milk buttermilk and whey must be fed either to calves or
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sense we may oonaider tho coated tongue bad taste erootationa and
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A Wo a K dejign d f r the Good and abfohteiy Ntcejfarj
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while yet the induration of the chancre persists the hard
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outward symptoms is no criterion of cure. Long after all
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old habits and the appetite that has been acquired by
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is no inherent reason why it may not be unilateral. As the modes
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spread and nonhypocritical education in sexual mat
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of this. This condition will also be always fulfilled unless an ignorant
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body are said to be increased by electrical field effects set up
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pose the condition tends to last indefinitely. Former
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ether as administered by internes in hospitals sug
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disease of the mitral valve and the syphilitic incidence
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It is not stated that the dura was opened but the pressure seemed
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in the text books is well known. It not infrequently happens that
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tells his father triumphantly To day I ran over Anna I cut
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ence of a characteristic card on the bed to indicate
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lelirium and difficulty of breathing after eating some grapes affected
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movements of the child vigorous until a few days previous
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njt see why the stomach should be regarded as exempt.
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between ur rmic ci n ui ion tin jiatitnt niav nniain uneon eiou.
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tions Immoral and Evil Effects of Limiting Size of Fam
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blood throw the unfortunate patients into paroxysms of hysteria.
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left iliac fossa the external iliac vein was lacerated dur
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that after personal investigation he thought that this staff did
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operations have i roved fatal such as the extraction of teeth circumcision
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State on Examination. The left inguinal region showed a circum
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Speeches were also made by tho Lord Mayor of Birming
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The so called functional psychoses we believe today to be due
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was contusion of the scalp on the vertex with a stel
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the instance of this salt purity is important since as
known amounts of acetone by the stomach and estimating the acetone
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the organism is largely lipoidal in character. We have found that various dried
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hysterical and some discomforts are neurasthenic. There
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Consciousness can on account of the factor of attention con
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turned on her back and the air allowed to escape from
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did it prevent an ordinary good recover of the patient.
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avoiding the smell of flour Waller was in the habit of carrying camphor
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himself objects. This makes him apparently responsible for a
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tried in Ohio in a case of confluent smallpox when the
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during the progress of the disease the diagnosis of typhoid fever cannot be
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Treatment Room a practical demonstration of electrical
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air by means of a stomach tube is a most misleading
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throat is where the contagion lies. In diphtheria the antitoxin
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allf clay eoloTpd fetid and mixed with undigested food. The preri
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landlady hints at requiring his room for some friend who cannot be
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That having regard to the decision of the Committee that
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