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which he made no pretence of concealing but on the contrary
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catheters as a means of prophylaxis against cystitis in women
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gelatin with silver salts copper salts dyes etc. which modify the
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and be given plenty of bedding. It is advisable to bolster
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hyperplastic process. It may be true as Friedreich asserts that
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benefit and poulticing should be most faithfully and persistently carried
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term in a primipara aged nineteen years who was in good general
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with gas and feces. This was a common observation in the diarrhea
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the higher rotational speeds of the surface strata and the inrushing
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make their appearance very early. The reason why the con
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Bernard in his famous 1865 treatise An Introduction to the Study
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which are subjected to further changes as soon as they
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a general disease when inoculated into the warm blooded species.
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son and Mr. Vasey were elected directors in the place of the six
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further lowers the general condition the luner trouble is aijo ra
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from tuberculosis to ascertain whether efficient means of disinfection
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usually projects somewhat and is dark red the intestines small
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The third characteristic sign of abdominal aneurism the presence
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the 77th Regiment to reply. Our Next Meeting was then pro
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contractility remains normal. The current should be
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he nave both advice and medicine without charge. With the same amount
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cold applicalioBB to the head will also be found useful.
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trical stimulus or that of the will. These differences in con
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if the obstrwrtion of the ductus etioledodius trere not mon froqueotly
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of the cases. Of the 119 cases of dysentery 82 were apparently
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Analyzing the table still further it appears that 631 Presby
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seat of rupture one will have to take the risk of infection. Here
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tongue is innervated by trigeminal fibers in reptiles among whom
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was roundly abused by both Par6 and Fallopius and satirized
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photophobia will often point to the first named variety
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same as in the inflammations of other serous tissues which so
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tion IN Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis. Mayerhofer has pro
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alcohol from which it had been precipitated by ether and isomeric with
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also found in several mild cases of scarlet fever in the
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on his death certificate one might have read pericarditis pneu
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thyroid tissues and that the characteristic symptoms
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skin occur chiefly in patients who are the subjects of
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its aqueous and faline part and perhaps changed by its delay in the
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withstanding a second or adventitious blood supply had
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patient could sleep in the recumbent posture. No radial pulse was detectable
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Often in women and invariably in men the most conveni
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touched with a red hot iron. In these extreine cases
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much on the nutrition and tonicity of paralvsed muscles and is
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rarely bilateral Krause describes one such case and I have seen this
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is peculiar to the uterus yet they do not all occur
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nor the hypertonic salt solution possessing tlje biological characteristics of
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animals upon which it has been tried should suddenly
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tis from chronic nephritis and 6 persistence of abnormal por
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Red corpuscles 8 10 800 white corpuscles 6300 haemo
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what was beheved to be a large abscess cavity situated
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unrefreshing sleep bad dreams and nerA ous disturbances as gt erhaps
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the general condition and health of the individual in that
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in stained preparations and many of the rings present a marked
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their adoption exceptional whereas they can now be employed in the
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ring abscess rather than any genera conditions. The
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important to use numerous and strong sutures and afterwards to
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Note There are 4 093 horses in the Quartermaster Medical Engi
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The Lses of the wet pack are first as a refrigerant in
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and a few plasma cells. The derivation of the nuclear content of the
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under five years of age should have at least twelve
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with.2 c. amp of a twenty four hour bouillon culture
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symptoms a careful laryngoscopio examine tion and an examination of
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The disease may progress very slowly indeed at first so that even
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inability to stop working is also a disease. The desire always to
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give credit to Dr. Power and the other workers concerned for
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currence. Infection producers may enter the cord in
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lar. When the stroma is chiefly attacked the ovary becomes hard and
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tissue inside of which could be distinctly seen a thin liand
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The temperature was 103.5 pulse 128. The patient appeared
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escapes with life but many do and the picture that such present
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observatory the specific sum of 40 000 being left for
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by an exciting cause a pathological condition resulting
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trar General of England for 1847 can we consider that this calculation is
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no impoitant vital functions. 2. They do not stand in
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the aff ected area almost disappeared. As an area of
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jrou to infonn me as to the facts regarding my exclusion from the
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tance is by bank check ur postal money ortler drawn to the order
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prehend the subject for discussion but as I take it we are

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