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of the corps has received most careful consideration. The total num

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Balderson. who resigned recently in order to devote more

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such dislocations will remain in place. Toward this means he

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always to the local deity as lord of heaven and earth

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It is however to the course of the temperature that

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exhumed before a committee of the Medical Congress of

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sort of dual purpose brci. d combining wool tuod mutton

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was especially true in children or semi conscious patients.

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and courteous in association he won the respect and

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tion of the cerebral vessels with pigmentary matter.

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of origin of the earth its deformation by internal changes and the

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of low activity are comparatively inexpensive they unfortunately

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For instance amongst these 62 cases in 27 the knee jerku were

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bon to hang over the city and almost to stifle those

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The leaves are odoriferous and when powdered are termed by the Hot

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a fatal termination in cases of measles or whooping cough complicated

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and in the tissues it had traversed before producing fatal results.

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of diathermy giving a patient accurate doses just as you would measure

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ingly few adhesions it was deemed best to do nothing

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by a highly strung sympathetic system neurasthenia

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that they play the primary part in exciting the paroxysm.

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Effect on the Pulse Rate. The pulse was taken one half hour

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idea of nursing is based upon a short course of lectures is

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Treatment. Remove the shoe and keep the horse quiet for a

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year she had another attack and was treated by means of

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feet. She was found in the waiting room with her shoes off

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the most important medical periodical of the West in its time. It

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mouth on chest abdomen arms thighs and scalp. He com

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veterinary surgeon. The main provisions of the other Orders

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microscopic examination shows an incidence of 85 per cent.

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He had had also repeated spells during the previous five years char

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In the first place purity op blood must be considered as a

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throat a small reflector previously warmed to prevent its condensing the

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vertex is more elevated swinging toward the center the point

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weeks o vomiting or burning in the hands and feet as was experienced

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sharp pains would occur from no apparent aggravating cause.

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instrument against the upper side or surface of the canal dont use

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with the indifferent or neutral pole called the dis

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As stated elsewhere the ratio of rejections is primarily a question oi

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city has certainly taken place since the year 1853 or shortly after

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Part I deals entirely with the technical side of X ray work.

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regular rows in the gravid uterus through the rapid increase of the

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two widely different things. Kidneys which can well

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that during the four quarters of iSSo 880 520 births and 528 056

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The first message this show has for the medical man is

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it passes horizontally around the neck below the larynx. It leaves on

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trating by drawings of his own specimens a number of cases of lateral

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and is distributed oxer the wliole trigeminal area. Conversely pain produced

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when by such intercourse the husband could according to the la ws of

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an indirect influence in the cause of gland trouble they are sometimes

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pirblic lectures given 248 attending estimated 42 898.

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nerves is given in detail. Experience has shown that such an

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desirous o knowing where the portable bathing apparatus invented some

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grave in proportion to the extent of lung involved double pneumonia

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ripMKnaflHOM 3HT0M0J10riM Messenger of Russian Applied

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to those afforded by percussion are of great value and significance. On

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nished thirteen cases of enteric among the inoculated men whereas

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common duct after birth and was found in twenty three cases.

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cats etc. indicate that oil of chenopodium even in very small quanti

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five years immediately preceding. The several bodies repre

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The pathogenesis of the affection is obscure. In some cases there

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August 25th it was resolved to safeguard the interests of

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forms are most generally useful. The author adduces

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layers of cells high and cubical or cylindrical. The structures separating

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attacked in a variable degree and the multiplication of their parasites

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response may be revealed. There are certain general

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tonientose the heads 5 flowered involucral bracts purple 15 20 im

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have been somewhat different. It was in a man twenty

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strain to pass something but nothing comes. In young pigs

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substitutes and control the quantity taken. In cases in which very

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volume may be so reduced that even though the hemoglobin is oxygenated

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