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contraindicates their use. They can be continued for a long period of
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Surgical Prize. Prof. Tiffany offers a case of surgical instruments to
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smell of acetone in the breath. Death followed in a very few hours.
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bound under the arms of the young woman and a fold is left
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losis with cirrhosis of the liver is generally recognised by pathologists.
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the fluid is limited. In other instances the recent false membranes may
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in which the demonstration has been rigorous to establish firmly the
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been considered even as a specific whilst by others it has been
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spirit the nature of infective disease and particularly in
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carbolic acid 4 grains and benzoinol 1 ounce. By steady
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born in Skerychov in Bohemia January 20 1878. These twins had a broad
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may be observed after section of the vagi and following the
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would look at the clock as he reached the last chapters and would
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combined with iodine produced surprising results. At the outset however
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on the lines of those issued by the Medical Department of the Local
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issue of convalescent animals from veterinary units back to organizations was
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the colored troops however the discharge rate for tuberculosis was
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Fatokneb Sir Arthur. Treatise on the Plague designed to prove
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the character of leucocytes so that the tissue appears to
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thoughtful prayer to the gods. But a modern Vedantist the late
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Fortunately at the junction of the upper and larger
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of vision which have given it the name of scotoma scintillans. We are
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Sero Diagnosis of Pregnancy in Mares is the title of
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nature and of simple chemical constitution seem to have a selective action
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been noted in the Eabbit Hare Pig Ass Sonsino Dog Cat and
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but no loss of sensation. It is necessary therefore to distinguish this
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ified squamous epithelium and in its wall are a few sebaceous
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one pathogenic Knlumaba dyseiUeria and the other non pathugenic En
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of an Italian tenor deg gesUs qui imj oreiU et qui eartgteni
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eczemata. Oophorin is useful in climateric eczema. The internal treat
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the local clestrucHon of M ild animals arouud towns
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eruption of the measles rash upon the peritoneal sur
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The committee on credentials made a partial report
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trop grande indulgence et qu il eloit a jiropos de remedier
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and justified exploration. An abscess of the liver was
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an ample supply of water. Rations of spirits to be discontinued Aitken.
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of the shoulder and her temperature was 1 05. 5 F. I
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rived from inhalation of water vapor but this is rendered far
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which the supply is scanty have been deemed efficacious in the early
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From a medical standpoint we understand phoresis to
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he does not go to book for it. I could have trusted
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She felt fairly well for the first four months after marriage. But
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to thirty grains applied as a plaster will be found useful. The application
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closely resembles tuberculosis in its course and various mani
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or flows out again through efferent tracts and nerves as an
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possible such a board should be appointed. Another point I
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mucus aud if bronchitis supervenes the patient dies of suffocation
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gastrotomy was undertaken in order to effect lavage.
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Later on they failed and only salt ordinary table salt
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Mebtinos. Annual first Tuesday in January semi annual first Tues
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Appetite may be in part preserved for a time but is gradually
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In four of my cases an isolated process of the 7rat omenfum
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certain morphological and cultural characteristics. It
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the medulla is developed outside of the cortex and grows into
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In the above we investipjted the effects u on secretion of
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siderable importance. Wlien there is simple impairment of taste anil it can be
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under bedclothes for three or four hours. This he must do twice
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shores. Yhat bettor help could be given to those seamen
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and is inserted into the outside of the root of the
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Brucine when heated on white porcelain melts easily into a
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operated and a large fecal tumor was removed from the
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recognized in Prance by his being made a member of the Tjegion of
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toms were considered. Of the former especially shock and
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among these lowest of plantation negroes as it does
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