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burgh University in 1862. He practised medicine in Kingston Ont.
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and is only slightly movable while at the elbow it is
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on the area or areas of cne or both fifth cranial nerves respectively.
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and more forcible. The pulmonic second sound is accentuated.
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fully compared the descriptions of the ancient authors and have
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and the virtues of the different parts of it at great length.
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Kemp replies that by granting it we exclude the leu
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Chilpeper affirms that the crowsfoot is an effectual and a much
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On Hydragogues. The hydragogue properties of the elder
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stronger than parsley but weaker than stone parsley. It is
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quotes Paulas by some mistake we suppose as saying of it
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should like also to second the resolution. I had a feeling in
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gums in children and aphthae when rubbed in externally it
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sises the importance of a rapid appreciation of surroundings rather than
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the former which is the Papaver argemone is recommended
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CoMM. rounds triangular square long or otherwise which being
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not presented the matter in the proper form but at the hearing
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Ammi Bishop s Weed is of the third order of calefacients
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Hospital in the number of accident cases brought in from the wharfs
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similarly successful but on what grounds we do not know.

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