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There are lots of people that ignore the chance becoming a tester for Apple’s new products after they appear, including the Apple iPad 3g that’s being given away for FREE to testers everywhere this very moment! You might think that it’s impossible to become a tester and that someone like you would never receive a free Apple iPad 3g only for trying it out and letting them know how you feel about, right?

Well, you couldn’t be any longer wrong! All you need to do is look for the promotional websites online offering free Apple iPad 3g phones in exchange for your review. Normally simply submit a survey or checklist about the phone rather than needing to write some lengthy review. It won’t get much simpler than that, huh?

Everything you should be aware is the fact that there are companies on the market that get paid huge amount of money to execute researching the market and their job is to discover “what people want.” They need to then step out you can find bribe individuals like you and me with fancy gifts and toys (like a free iPad 3g) in order for us to offer them our true opinion and fill out these surveys, etc. It’s actually a win win situation for anyone ever since the company provides the information they want in regards to the product and you also get hold of a brand-new Apple iPad 3g FREE! Sound good?

Don’t be misled by people that inform you of that everything on the web is a scam and that you can’t obtain a free iPad 3g as you almost certainly can! Look for the website, look up to check if there are any still available in your area simply by entering your zip code and then get your free iPad 3g! Good luck!

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IPad 3G version 2 has been gained domestic 3C authentication http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/ipad-3g-version-2-has-been-gained-domestic-3c-authentication http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/ipad-3g-version-2-has-been-gained-domestic-3c-authentication#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:48:42 +0000 admin http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/ipad-3g-version-2-has-been-gained-domestic-3c-authentication Article by Kate

Several days later, apple worldwide developers conference “(” WWDC) will be held in the United States. In recent years the WWDC each year because can roll out this year, iPhone star product will appear netizen the iPhone 5 hot debate? There are signs that iPhone release will be postponed, 5, and a kind of “alternative” iPhone 4S May be released. Well-known technology website TechCrunch analysis, the iPhone will not be the key, apple WWDC or will be deeply Nuance technology to the development and integration. The other side compartments, outback consumer will soon have HangHuo iPad 3G version 2 — it has through domestic 3C authentication.

Wen, figure sorting/reporter LiGuangYan

Apple or release iPhone 4S

Sources said, apple will guess in this year’s WWDC release iPhone 4S. Previous reports indicate that iPhone for all five of the back, thickness will also further aluminum reduction. And the iPhone 4S are only modest appearance changes, using better camera, A5 dual-core processor HSPA + network, and support.

Earlier this month a news show, apple is control of the current generation iPhone yield. It also means that apple may have for the next generation to prepare the iPhone launch. However, previous information shows that apple iPhone more than 5 will be delayed until September this year even more late release. And to the upcoming WWDC release on iPhone 4S, will not make fans particularly disappointed. There are currently British and Australian reporters said they received the invitation WWDC, which suggested the WWDC or will launch iPhone 4S information. However, well-known technology website TechCrunch recently analysis, a new generation iPhone is not necessarily the meeting products will focus.

According to the site, apple is ultimately apple, they will always “Ian”. Although at present the apple does not exclude the possibility of introducing new iPhone to mobile phone, but is more likely for software is released, such as cisco iOS and Mac OS X are simultaneously a wide range of upgrade update, both perhaps will appear on the WWDC.

IPad 3G version 2 through domestic 3C authentication

It is reported, national CCC authentication technology service center website news, apple iPad 3G + WiFi version 2 in China compulsory certification 3C has gone through. According to the information on the website 3C authentication, iPad 3G + WIFI version 2 3C authentication certificate Numbers for 2011010902473497, the product model for A1396. The applicant for U.S. manufacturers and apple, factories still for shenzhen rich taehwa industrial (foxconn), the date for the 2011 May 16, this means that apple iPad 3G version 2 distance into China wafer-thin.

As for cooperation channels after China unicom, remove, allied chairman has been helping to reveal iPad 3G version of apple will introduce the Chinese market, and iPad 3G version 2 is also very likely launch, working with China unicom.

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The Best iPad 3G Review http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/the-best-ipad-3g-review http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/the-best-ipad-3g-review#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:48:37 +0000 admin http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/the-best-ipad-3g-review Article by Phillip Corkinn

The specific iPad tablet may be the most advanced and technologically highly developed tablet PC available in the market nowadays. From the specific iPad, a person is able to stay in touch with the most recent news bulletin, watch your desired films and even save any data and entertainment in a single spot. This can be made possible through the tablet’s exclusive online connectivity features which have continued to develop since the first model entered in the industry.

Almost all types of the actual iPad variety include regular internal Wi-Fi receivers. The following is a perfect way to use iPad especially when there is cellular high-speed World Wide Web router as possible which can get connected to the internet without any expense in any way. The iPad 3G arrives with a working Wi-Fi recipient and you may utilize this to easily connect with the worldwide web whether in your own home or even close to the hotspot like schools as well as other institutions. This design also includes the 3G iPad ability along having a Wi-Fi connection port. This allows the iPad to connect with online world making use of cellular signals. A strong iPad with this particular ability is best selection because it enables you to connect with the net particularly if you are not near Wi-Fi hotspot or if you are continuously travelling.

There are numerous applications being released every week and also shortly the features of the tablet are going to be completely used. You can operate your own workplace from your home by this simple device. If you buy the 3g iPad, you are able to produce video calls from the front camera in the iPad which makes video calls an easy job to accomplish. The display screen provides high quality resolution that present photos clarity and which is still not present in other tablets. Besides video calls, you are able to make regular phone calls because the actual 3g iPad facilitates GSM systems that are used by cell phones for connecting along with one another. Have the appropriate commitment with a cell service supplier and you may uncover the beauty of this special tablet.

The additional impressive thing about 3g iPad can be the feature loaded applications designed for it. Because its launch, a year ago, developers have developed a large number of applications which make life a lot simpler. You can find programs centered on organizing your own life like light weight calculators, programs that can enhance your business as well as fun products which include mostly games. All these games are impressively detailed and also the visual quality is simply amazing. A significant game regarding 3g iPad can be Angry Birds that has earned applause from designers globally.

The actual 3g iPad offers revolutionaries tablet processing by its finger tips feedback technique which makes searching the internet a really unique experience. It is very quick and depends on Apples OPERATING SYSTEM that sets it aside from the remaining tablets available in the market. You can find a good e-book shop for the iPad as well as a model with the iWork station that assists the specific 3g iPad. The above all enable someone to perform your on-line work very easily and quickly using a single device.

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iPad 3G Review http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/ipad-3g-review http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/ipad-3g-review#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:48:23 +0000 admin http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/ipad-3g-review Article by Tristan Mccormick

Substantial connectivity. With the iPad WiFi your connectivity to the world wide web is constrained to places in which you can access the web through WiFi. With the 3G model of the iPad you can connect both by way of WiFi or the 3G mobile network. In the US, AT&T offers info options for a value. To commence they had a .99 for each month info approach with 250MB of knowledge involved and a per month “unlimited” program. The unrestricted approach was discontinued pretty swiftly and now you can get 2G of information for per month.Amount three: iPad with 3G also has built in GPS services. The WiFi version can do some triangulation you want a 3G iPad to get a actually precise area resolve.Quantity four: Some tiny physical distinctions. On the back again of the 3G iPad there is a black plastic part that allows the iPad to get a far better link to the wireless network. The 3G version also has a door on the aspect for you to insert the Micro SIM card. These differences are probably not that massive a offer granted that you will almost certainly want to use an iPad cover to shield your iPad.Range 5: Shorter Battery Existence for the 3G. Making use of the 3G network chews up much more battery. From what I have study it cuts battery daily life from about 10 hrs down to amongst 7 and eight hrs. Not negative, but it does count at the conclude of a extended day.So to sum it up, if you are just making use of the iPad close to the property, get the WiFi model and if you require to use it out in the subject you are probably much better off getting the 3G edition of the iPad.The distinct iPad tablet could be the most advanced and technologically highly created tablet Laptop obtainable in the market these days. From the distinct iPad, a person is in a position to remain in touch with the most recent information bulletin, enjoy your sought after films and even preserve any info and amusement in a single spot. This can be built achievable by way of the tablet’s distinctive on the web connectivity attributes which have continued to create considering that the initial model entered in the industry.Practically all kinds of the actual iPad selection contain standard internal Wi-Fi receivers. The subsequent is a perfect way to use iPad specially when there is cellular large-speed Globe Wide Internet router as possible which can get connected to the world wide web with out any cost in any way. The iPad 3G arrives with a operating Wi-Fi recipient and you may possibly use this to quickly link with the around the world web no matter whether in your own home or even shut to the hotspot like educational institutions as effectively as other institutions. This style also includes the 3G iPad potential along getting a Wi-Fi link port. This allows the iPad to connect with on the web globe creating use of mobile indicators. A robust iPad with this specific capability is very best selection simply because it enables you to link with the internet specifically if you are not around Wi-Fi hotspot or if you are continuously travelling.

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WiFi iPad +3G Router, Say no to iPad 3G http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/wifi-ipad-3g-router-say-no-to-ipad-3g http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/wifi-ipad-3g-router-say-no-to-ipad-3g#comments Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:48:20 +0000 admin http://ipadmodels.org/ipad-3g/wifi-ipad-3g-router-say-no-to-ipad-3g Article by Sophie

Still making a difficult decision about whether or not to splurge for the costlier iPads that come outfitted for 3G connectivity over AT&T’s or Verizon’s wireless network?

Do not think any more about it. Another economical alternative is here for you: forget a iPad with 3G, and get a 3G mobile hotspot router instead! Now the fatest speed 3G router is ZTE MF60 which gives maximum 8 users super fast Internet experience simultaneously with upto 21.6Mbps download speed.

Wi-Fi iPad VS. WiFi + 3G iPadIt is ideal if you have a wireless high-speed Internet router in your home, or if you’ll be using your iPad near a wireless hotspot — in a coffee shop or school library, for example. WiFi + 3G iPad includes WiFi connectivity as well as 3G connectivity. It provides you another way to surf on the Internet in places without WiFi hotspots, such as outdoors or on your morning commute. Let’s look their price.

The 3G version of the iPad costs 0 more than its Wi-Fi only counterpart, and all that buys you is the privilege of having the option to use 3G. I think it is a little expensive. If you decide to buy an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, you should buy with the carrier model you’d like to use for 3G service. The iPad model you purchase is specially configured to work with either AT&T or Verizon — not both. And you also have to pay extra 3G data fee for each month.

Wi-Fi iPad + 3G Router VS. Wi-Fi + 3G iPadIf you get a 3G mobile router for your iPad, you can turn your Wi-Fi iPad to a 3G iPad easily. Amazing! Take ZTE MF60 for example, it takes the 3G signal it receives and broadcasts it as a Wi-Fi signal for your other WiFi devices to access 3G network. There are many benefits for the combination of iPad and 3G Router.

* Avoid any of the streaming-video content restrictions with higher speed. 3G MiFi router enables us to avoid any of the streaming-video content restrictions reported by iPad 3G users. The ABC video player worked fine, as did the Netflix streaming app (an update allowing the ABC app to work on the iPad 3G is reportedly on the way). It is fine for Web surfing and even video streaming. With some fast speed 3G routers (Mf60), you can get about 21.6Mbps download speed. So fast surfing experience.

* Allow variety of other Wi-Fi devices access 3G network. If you choose MF60 mobile hotspot as the partner of your Wi-Fi iPad, you can allow up to other 7 Wi-Fi devices to surf on the 3G network at the same time, including your laptops, netbooks, iPhone, iTouch, PSP, Xbox, and more devices.

* Access any network operator’s 3G network on the move. No locked MiFi hostspot enables your iPad with any network operators. So, if you use T-mobile, Vodafone or other 3G SIM cards other than AT&T or Verizon SIM card, your iPad aslo can surf on the 3G Internet. You do not need to buy extra 3G service.

3G wireless routeris definitely a good partner for non-3G iPad users, especially, for those who have to go long road trips that also want to be connected to the Internet for some entertainment. If you now have a Wi-Fi iPad and want to experience the high speed 3G network, find a partner for your iPad now.

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