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lowing simple method proposed by Mr. Redwood of London the
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of p berth s bacillus but differ from this organism chiefly in
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by the experience of the Germans and especially of the German army. A
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He strips the clothes from his chest. By careful observation he notes that
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pail which should be removed as soon as the animal is through
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jects that every member of the association is interested in and
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standard being maintained. It already does so in regard
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moved and is not reintroduced until the third or fourth
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Salicylic acid was at first used as an internal medicine
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precedence according to the priority of their Diplomas as Members.
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All interesting feature of modern theories of the effect of environ
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nuscr. Expulso de regno Physcone Ptolemaeo per matrem Cleopa
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tion of the acute infectious diseases. The blood is found in a thin
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nally used but not sufficient for publication. So far how
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tions of well selected experiments noting the precautions that
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ably elsewhere in the country that men will do things in politics that
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regaining the power of walking and their irremediable sphincter troubles
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Condition of the heart. On admission cardiac dulness was normal apex
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purplish hue of the vagina produced by the venous con
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same as in the inflammations of other serous tissues which so
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He received his general education at Wellington and
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used as such for legitimate purposes or employed as
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scription of the picture which can so easily be had of the normal
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tute the commonest every day indications for forceps and
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more sparse there is not the same tendency to form dif
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cephalic border. This surface looks almost caudad but slopes
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The nuiscular system is strengthened its power both
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tclt desirable to adopt measures to grant licences to
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patients died within a few hours after the accident. The post mortem
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charge of over 200 lumbrici after taking ol. tereb. follow
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confirm Hoseuow s results experimentally he had repeatedly
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a cicatrix. The treatment is painless and no ill re
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Dr. Pinlay s theory of the transmission of yellow fever by the
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shorter and softer nipple should be necrosis. It is a stubborn afifection

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