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when hfemorrhage has been abundant and vascular pressure is low.
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some forty eight hours after the injury the fact that upon the
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some interesting contrasts to other forms of acute endo
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experience now comprises the results of an examination of 295
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Assistant Besident Magistrate of King William s Town
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private practice in preventing eclampsia by careful hygiene. When
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along a line passing from the mouth to the posterior extremity there
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the shoulders bringing them as nearly up to the ears as possible.
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the central artery of the retina were in fact cases of throm
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celerated and the air thus constantly changed the cardiac
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with the results of research published in Asylum Reports are
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occurs the mortality from splenectomy maj be higher.
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in need of elucidation. What is a necessary conclusion Some of
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the wedge outwardly. Infarction is almost always associated with
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origin the author commences with chronic aft ections.
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wings appears to be an artificial language both as expreffed by the
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may cause it. Hepatic diseases peritonitis chronic ileocolitis are
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the organ may attain considerable size greatly distend the abdomen
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men to be followers rather than shapers of the opinion of others.
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has been that the numerical rating wherein definite values are assigned
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has passed and the sufferer becomes a permanent charge
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vessel at once seemed to have a violent epileptic fit
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with values inserted within fifteen days of the close of examin
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As might be expected in this severer form of mental dis
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tion of the normal sound vibrations in their outward passage through the
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THERAPEUTICAL EFFECTS. The medical properties of this oil
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Eastern Medical Society of the City of New York held
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occur to the physician in charge to classify it as a functional gastric
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the use of the substance. Uterine contractions are more numerous
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whose traductions were pure in them and their originals but
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the nonsusceptibility of an individual to a given dis
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point. They took sheep with long tails and inserted into
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B. shiga. Almost all the cases investigated by the author were chronic and
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Cassius. Nevertheless the experience of every practitioner presents
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Referring to Dr. Ijeonard s fine work in detecting calculi
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entertainment shall be regulated medically in each in
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may be present these dried products should when pos
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One Mrs. Marais unqualified in any way is alleged to
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Student It is a symptom of motor irritation and would be
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Journal and enclose a small offering to that institution. At the
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recovery or death. If recovery there is often headache for six
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nauseous insects by young birds or any other example of the
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life would in a great majority of cases give ten or
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influenced by them they should be at once removed. Ajjplications of

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