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Receptacle densely clothed with capillary bristles. Achenia terete

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inside with the powder. The stockings when taken off

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hasten recovery and to prevent the organization of infil

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a clipping from our esteemed confrere White of Tennessee

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as there are no sharp and essential differences in the neural changes in

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the impure confectionery articles that are being sold such as icings

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and of the iHsemoglobin by Means of the Lung Suction

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is no use denying that the activity of the physician in this

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the nervous system perhaps in the medulla oblongata of which I

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tion looked like normal spinal fluid. Microscopical examination

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continued and in about seven hours it was observed that a harel tumour

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time the patient feels drawn in a certain direction or

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intracranial complications double the number of males

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On the days that you do not recite your study hours

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tion looked like normal spinal fluid. Microscopical examination

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Several weeks after returning home she had after exer

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painful memories resist burial in the uneouecious in spite

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brass cylinder not shown in the diagram. From this small tube inside the

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pedes the propagation of the germs which he assumes

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Another question which is of some interest to me is the time

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they were made of a chalky earth which beaten and steep

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Mary C. Lincoln speaks of vaccine therapy in tuber

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to an alarming figure no less than 42 1 new cases having

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the most striking evidence of unfairness untruthfulness and mis

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mata 18 the physician should be careful not to give an

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for tin slight v greater relative frequency of wounds of the right than

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The ocular symptoms of the disease are of s ecial importance. In the

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accompanied by what is commonly called torpidity of the liver

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exophoria though each bulb can be moved far to the right and far

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tiously and nearly to dryness and dissolve the colocynthin out of the

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Tha vyngOS pa S lD.Xl.S Pharyngis 7ni s f pharyngo

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conditions and rheumatism in the family history. The direct

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of the mouth. When the animal opens its mouth for the purpose of

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numerous paratyphoid A carriers in the Italian Expeditionary Force in

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introduction of bacterial products into the blood systematic

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great depth of feeling and often a critical faculty

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Again we should not under any circumstances use an an

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The therapeutic use of light depends so largely for its

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ture and oedema. The arthropathy never occurred before the fourth

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cc. of semen during one service each cmm. of which contained

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scientific man to give. We have the abundant wealth

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coexisting with tubercles and vomices in the lungs and deposit of bacony

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results obtained might after all be owing merely to a dynamic modification

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The State of the Arterial Blood pressure. The onset of acute croupous

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thus explain the origm of sexual differentiation in

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ophy and medicine but the two most important were his El

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toward his work apart from any question of remunera

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function and so acts upon the renal secretion as to produce a true

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that are too sharp Why do we not make our curve describe the

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chief as to the actual enlargement of the implicated limb with

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Whooping cough in etiology of unilateral progressive

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voluminous and the writer is preparing an extensive work on the

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due to the entrance of the micro organisms which produce any

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war conditions. Although bread is here put second in importance

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Wassermann reaction class C included cases with signs of general infec

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one or the other of these variations periodical. We have been taught

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removed both ovaries as they were often degenerated and

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of the frontal bone. In the sutu ra lijnbo sa there

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On the average these have a better prospect than those Avho came

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The lacerated area sloughed and the tissues were removed. The

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discuss further on how these conditions are to be distinguished

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interesting account of the steps taken by that body to

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Fees. The fees for the lectures and hospital attendances

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tissue in the capillary meshwork is one of the most manifest patho

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procedure therefore is that the earliest notification of the

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are distinctly more frequently the victims than the better classes. All

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clinical line of demarcation between growths a sociated with the media

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pleurisy will result. A single rarely a double fistulous canai w

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rally much attention is attracted by R. Koch s statement. of the

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eighteen years and paralysis of the right arm at fifty five

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minims of laurel water was the solution which he generally em

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world this institution is faced with a heavj deficit in it

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dren who are very sensitive should not be put to bed in a

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