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for a year previous to admission to the Philadelphia

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On receipt of the subscription the weekly Journal of the Association

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are in anatomy physiology medicine surgery chemistry materia medica

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Arteries. In the small and medium sized arteries the media is often

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Dr. G. Hudson Makuen delegates from this country to the

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the quartermaster s department proved their great value and should

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The prize of 35 for the best essay submitted in answer

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excellent results can be obtained in the cases of pelvic inflammation by

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essential as the resources of the laboratory become more helpful. Chemical

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line phosphates of sodium and potassium and the earthy phosphates ot

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taken up by the digestive tract with food water bedding

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will be found helpful to the general practitioner. One will find

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especially the sympathetic The secre p j e. winters in Med. Record says

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the conditions which every insurance scheme should l iy

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bath is higher than in cold climates and the temperature during gauging

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Victoria Hospital for ChUdren the Cancer Hospital and

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sleep. The ordinary antiseptic treatment should be employed at

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by Bartholinus the Ephemerides Meckel Mauriceau PauUini Eiedlin

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the anemia present which I wish to call attention to.

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Phlebofomns nicnic sp. n. is here described for the first time though

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and brown there may be only temporary confusion of mind and some

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may exist without aphasia and vice versa and when they occur separately

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patient. While the patient is under treatment or re

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Two years intermittently myxosarcoma. Location and size

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that we had found no serious organic disease that her bodily health

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The following notes are abstracted from the autops pro

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remittent in its character will sometimes render it strictly periodic with

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low lying district on the opposite shore of the river complains of a

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ditions to these causes rather than ascribe them to un

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over the epigastrium and right hyperchrondium are not in

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Professor C. S. Gibson was appointed an Examiner iu

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had divided hoofs while others declared published by the London Missionary So

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To day we are carried back to that bright autumn morning

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tration of meat broths rendered still richer in albumen

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inflammation when he graduates than he does about abdominal opera

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tion aud training from which they may reasonably be

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Theodore Dunham upon the success which has attended

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described as interlobar and mediastinal effusions namely which are

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system which permits your physician to cure your hurts

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duct a gush of bile takes place. Indeed stimulation of

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there must be more discussion than recitation. I prefer a

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fig. 4315. Tubotympanle Pneumatic Cavity and Mastoid Sinuses

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is rarely completely divided. Moreover the absence of

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the history of medicine will recollect two facts one of

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