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Kent during the spring and summer of 1842 and remained in perfect health

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whether the batting covered the whole hand before the splint was put on.

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opinions of some military surgeons on the subject and points oUt

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those rarer affections which otherwise would be seen

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The third bulb containing the lead solution should not give signs of

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Etiology. Acute Nephritis unassociated with any other morbid

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tation in recent inflammation from wounds or injuries of any kind.

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peared The Military Surgeon in reviewing it stated This

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stone is crushed by one or repeated sittings tbe fragments do

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cles are present almost any menstruum may be used which

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any other circumstances. The abdominal bandage should not be

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Where there is a considerable accumulation of pus a col

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Roland. Nicbt moglicb Hor Freund bei einem flnfanger mufi nicbts

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ginal anterior celiotomies with conservative and rad

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to the action of caustic chemicals as strong alkalies

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oall from medical practitioners passing through Cape Town.

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apparatus and gradually add Alcohol until five pints of the Alcoholic

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ulum is deepened. The leg is extended on the thigh

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do not distort the uterine cavity or obstruct the passages and no untoward

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these however there ore tourccs of predisposition which are quite n

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reading of the Metropolitan Open Spaces Act 1S77 Amendment Bill

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not fully of his opinion. If an inherited tendency to tubercu

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cloves by the direct and indirect methods are presented. Cliein.

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closely associated with literature and general learn

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overlooked the true eruptioir and noted down flea bites as petechite Con

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so that the actual amount present is then constant. This state

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pressure reaches 145 in a pregnant woman otherwise nor

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I have recently been employing in virtually all cases a

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nerve and one of the semi circular canals of the internal ear.

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near approximation to a natural cure but only when no calculi

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arrive but by degrees the causes tending to the same are care

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Salol is a mild antiseptic. Diluted with an inert powder

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irregular edges and no sharply defined edges usually show

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frequent warm fomentation is all that is then necessary and when in

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service they were issued through the director of professional services stationed

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potassium iodid or of sodium iodid daily will be well

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mechanical irritation becomes more evident according to the

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give quinine because we have no malaria here except in people who come

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contramdicate the continued administration of serimi though it

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and an odd terminal one which are oblong or oval entire or slightly

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fatigue comes an increasing tendency to convulsive or

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by younger women and unless she is able to adapt herself

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lent is everywhere within reach especially of the country practitioner

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all tubes seems not to be strictly necessary though I have no

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lupus which died of pulmonary disease and of these 50

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TREATMENT. Prophylactic Best of mind or change of occupa

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with these poisons has really only been begun and it is too

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gas gangrene by having been laid down in farmyards ou

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instructs the Secretary to publish in the county papers

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of the heart but the heart still appears to be somewhat to the

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has not yet developed its own antitoxic reaction the lymphocy

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the median Hne front and back and is then covered with a flannel

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When the prolapsus is complete the instrument passes in easily but takes

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cases but still low and the small amount of albumen.

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have shown the most marked results obtained in the treatment

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den al surgeons This request was granted the necessary t legraphic orders

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reach any part of the yard within five minutes after

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the different parts of the subject being treated of in the systematic order

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Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery L. Duncan Bulkley New

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part is mediaeval and all its literature is in Irish or

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the part immediately covered by the muscular envelope and whick

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rate for the entire Army for all causes was 577.91 per thousand which

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The following is a condensed statement of the surgical condition

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made the trip in a driving rain by special autos in

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times a day morning noon and night until he gets relief.

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plete ho.spital unit ready packed up and in a position to

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phases of apoplexy while in all persons chewing will bring on

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surgeon and his mate of the Northumberland man of war.

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disease. A remarkable instance of this kind was related to rae bv letter

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ordinary cavity of the antrum is practically obliterated. As a rule

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To allay pain by placing the patient in an easy position and

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ease has been caused by biliary colic and acute enteritis.

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struation never takes place. Very commonly tlie growth of the body is

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si.x years the man has passed every single night in

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pelvic or general in a woman our earliest gt ositive diagnostic sign consists

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to be sett forthe. Not fayllynge hereof as ye tendre the

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superior tubular or funnel form filamenls erect longer than the corolla

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But to this conclusion we can no longer subscribe. We cannot do

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