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hospitals and among the poorer classes the death rate is considerable
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ther. Twenty years ago the writer of this held correspondence with
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reagents as are harmless or are easily removed. In general refining proc
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tiges fibroses Gewebe damals c. 1898 kannte man noch nicht die
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makes traction on the displaced bone the inertia of the
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bydropisie epilepsie el litbisie..It 1 me souviens d avoir vu
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and remarkable results which have been obtained in locomotor ataxy
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ammonia instead of strong and less camphor liuiment.
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medullated nerve fibres is decidedly diminished. Many
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Lieut. Henry D. Snyder has been detailed a member of the examining
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testicles orchitis whether due to an injury or gonorrhea.
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therefore is that which effects by the closed method and
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Spurzheim J. G. The Anatomy of the Brain with a general view of
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palate are now well known to surgeons. Al. Gubier conceives that
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AVcbcr and General von Kngel procured for him an inter
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gall bladder occurred in 39 of these. Twenty eight of the
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there is nothing that will take away inflammation so soon
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ical schools of Hippocrates Plato Aristotle Asclepiades
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said that many labored under the delusion that peroxid
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segments. Both of the patients died within forty eight
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When the patient was seen two days afterwards there
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ket. Young cows so operated upon are henceforth called heifers.
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said there was no doubt her gall bla lder contained
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surface of the tendon of origin of the popliteus downwards
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of the lung. The symptoms are the same as in ordinary
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riety of skin lesions usually of obstinate character the exciting aa
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Brunswick Counties and holder of a number of city and county offices
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fissures. Splanchnic palsy entails distention of the abdomen which may
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In rare cases this process is recovered from with contraction of
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ing chloropicrin curve was so similar that it is omitted.
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After the acute symptoms have subsided in either ty e keep
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remove the incrustations. Files scrapers and fine emery paper arc the
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Health Service recently visited the Stale for the purp lt. se
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due to a perineuritis with or without neuritis exist that good
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of h ertension in the lesser circulation. Sometimes the peri
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hood of water man probably furnished a large proportion of its food
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I found slight tympanitis with acute t lt nderness over the entire
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With consecutive irritation of the sympathetic are of special
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through the kidheys as glucose unoxidized and unappro
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only cure the uterine disease but effectually cure the
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has long suffered from diabetes. The end is charac
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SALFORD ROY. L HOSPITAL. 1 Resident Surgical OBcer
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