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Article by Frank

There are lots of people that ignore the chance becoming a tester for Apple’s new products after they appear, including the Apple iPad 3g that’s being given away for FREE to testers everywhere this very moment! You might think that it’s impossible to become a tester and that someone like you would never receive a free Apple iPad 3g only for trying it out and letting them know how you feel about, right?

Well, you couldn’t be any longer wrong! All you need to do is look for the promotional websites online offering free Apple iPad 3g phones in exchange for your review. Normally simply submit a survey or checklist about the phone rather than needing to write some lengthy review. It won’t get much simpler than that, huh?

Everything you should be aware is the fact that there are companies on the market that get paid huge amount of money to execute researching the market and their job is to discover “what people want.” They need to then step out you can find bribe individuals like you and me with fancy gifts and toys (like a free iPad 3g) in order for us to offer them our true opinion and fill out these surveys, etc. It’s actually a win win situation for anyone ever since the company provides the information they want in regards to the product and you also get hold of a brand-new Apple iPad 3g FREE! Sound good?

Don’t be misled by people that inform you of that everything on the web is a scam and that you can’t obtain a free iPad 3g as you almost certainly can! Look for the website, look up to check if there are any still available in your area simply by entering your zip code and then get your free iPad 3g! Good luck!

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