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others he postulated the constant concurrence of disturbances of speech with

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over all advertising quacks for some two years or more

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redicB live although we do not know whether the brood

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in the thermostat through a dried and weighed fiher. Both flask and

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contents. The indican solution is now titrated with

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It is usual in Text Books of Tropical Medicine to classify the

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from occupying any part of Surgery except Tooth draw

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that his keen Lancet would become a rich fortune for his children.

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The epidermis or searfskin is a to igh layer upon the outside of

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break down. When an ulcer occurs as a result of ery

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minutes. With the tea added to the other test tubes the

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tubercle bacilli be injected intraperitoneally into guinea pigs the

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It is a peculiar fact that different from all other tropical and

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unrefreshing sleep bad dreams and nerA ous disturbances as gt erhaps

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A study of corrosion conditions in a main exhaust duct from

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Mathieu of Sevres replaced the sulphate of iron by an equal

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differentiating from each other the various forms of febrile

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been noted in the Eabbit Hare Pig Ass Sonsino Dog Cat and

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end for the anastomosis of a larger into a smaller portion of

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arm into the rectum so far that the fingers entered

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with two marks 3.3 with three marks 2.3 with four or

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of such cases with these conclusions If the carcinoma can be

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The kinds of tents used were two Eluropean models the marquee and the

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important branch of physical geography called geomorphology. Topo

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lieves the machine to be a good and useful appliance

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coldness. He had an enietJc which produced very copious

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satisfy myself that it is more pernicious than the other popular modes of

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taining grey or bluish globules not unlike the kind

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for the Hospital Corps with the gymnasium and exchange the com

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In another case at the same hospital the abscess being in

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Rigidity of the neck was as a rule well marked and accompanied by

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drawn from these figures is that the extent of the consolidation has a

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majority of doctors did not lumbar puncture their patients. Again many

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physicians or specialists in other countries a tact that

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the kidneys like that of the heart increases. There is also considerable

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receive a price of 3. Xo importance whatever will be

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tuberculosis are well known but the influence of heredo syphilis on tuber

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With regard to breeds Wilhelms has remarked that the Hungarian

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lieart aortic stenosis gives rise to hypertrophy of the left ventricle mitral

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fifty eight cases among these seventeen had but one relapse

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shortened and the axillary glands were enlarged. On further

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either a prostatic tumour or a stone impacted near the neck of the

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ceptible also in the small arteries. In consequence of the power

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shorter duration averaging about thirty days the affection begins to

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On the 5th and 6th the temperature and respiration became normal

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