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it has with erysipelas have occupied the attention of numerous
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toward which we must direct our therapeutic efforts.
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parts. The sponge Boaked in this solution and inserted in.to the
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the weakness of water so as to chill the stomach nor rise to
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substances employed are so diluted that each cubic
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cooling and almost noiseless in operation. The gap weighs
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Mr. Wharton informs me that in a case of gangrenous ulcer in which
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Othi rwiwe convulsive attacks or a fatal result may occnr.
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He makes these movements rather clumsily with a good many fail
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results. They act more directly upon the peripheral circulation by
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The attitude of the profession to recent legislation is to
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plete classical type. It may be recalled that many authors have attempted
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barium sulphate in citrated salt solution to he equivalent to 1 nigm.
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until a strength of from 100 to 500 milliamperes is
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genital organs and where it was afterward proved that there was inabil
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and underlying arm. When the body has been thus rolled
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was able to collect. I consider it sufficient to state that
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In the vascular lesions of animals infected with typhus
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Willson ignores the fact that I mention the clinical
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ber resected will depend upon the size of the cavity but
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and myocarditis. The maximum blood pressure was 17 and the minimum 11
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Care should be taken to work with a small diaphragm and
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justification in attempting the production of artificial
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the three cases and there was a systolic bruit at the base
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few dm ing their lives and when they are dead their
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istic of coxitis. We then learned not only that hip
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striction of the trachea occur through cicatrization
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rally awakened and you are led to the detection of tubercles a bronchitic
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logic actions without the chlorine. For instance the whole ques
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of animals that we have repeatedly inoculated with suitable doses
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found to be sterile is hermetically sealed and allovyed to
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would not have possessed and whether therefore pus cells that
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proletarian f. i. consults his doctor before his marriage a thing
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The committee in charge after thoroughly investigating the methods of
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inside with the powder. The stockings when taken off
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nerve tubules so that the axis cylinders are destroyed or
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transmissibility of the disease to temperate climates
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thopsia following the administration of santonin and of the
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sidered e.g. the well known truth that malaria is apt to recur at
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alkaloids phenazone phenacetin and similar bodies it is
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Several cases have been cited at various times in which nitro benzol
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special therapeutic value which these compounds may possess over various
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which would be unbearable ordinarily. Moreover it must be kept
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and respiration and increasing peristalsis. Small doses of
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Leaving for a moment all debate on the value of these essays it
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riety of skin lesions usually of obstinate character the exciting aa
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and not pretending a knowledge which he does not possess.
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wounded man under the aimed fire of the enemy dressed the man s
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excellent means of stimulating uterine action trac
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My observation and experience has been that breast feeding versus
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the chances of that struggle terminating favorably. This propo
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occur at the next period. 2 By the effect of lactation on
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his own antituberculosis remedy. The new preparation which has
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everywhere agitating for better facilities to fight this disease the
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Sternutatio Sneezing. Is a Convulsive Tooth Ache See Odontalgia Blow To
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practical observance in the daily walk of professional life of the divine
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differentiate among abnormal conditions of the kidneys.
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spread and severe inflammation of the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract
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clusion he thanked the officers of the society for the sup
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Major volunteered for foreign service he felt it his duty

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