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requirements for obtaining commis the basest sort of cowardice

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be hastened by the addition of an inert insoluble earth such as

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If splenectomy is not carried out until antibody production has got well

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this bacillus in the intestine thoroughly either by administering

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tion to be thankful that such a miserable specimen of

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examined in the knee breast posture through an open cys

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dothelial cells having clear protoplasm and two or more

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upon as a Jacobite or partisan of the exiled monarch and

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rison possesses all the qualifications which are most essential for a seat

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knees in the annexed attitude the chief art in managing this part

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A second experiment was tried to shed some light upon the

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becomes as 140 50. There is thus in both conditions a left ventricle

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behind. Should the discarded skin not be eaten by the

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the department chief surgeons were discontinued. The considerable

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prompt and adequate action be taken by you in the matter. But no

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winter session of the Scliool of Medicine was opened very

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of an entirely new and up to date hospital which has been

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six of which are long subulate erect and reddish the others minute

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Efular line extending anteriorly from one shoulder to the other along the Una

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rare. Undoubtedly there was no euro for the true diabetic.

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In the absence of any bacteriological or serological standards it is not

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To Professor Olshausen is due the credit of first urg

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cephalic border. This surface looks almost caudad but slopes

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Fort Bufurd South Dakota for duty relieving Captaim Aabon

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longevity. It should be said however that this favoritism only

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tjuoted cases in which the blood count was deceptive

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to die at home all such cases are entered as unrelieved but had

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knee and hocks. The head should be fastened securely and the bulldog

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desiring to be present can communicate personally or by mail.

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or three days later he handed me a half sheet of note

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with sixteen inscriptions and 26 years in the case of

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from the principal infective diseases averaged 2 7 per 1 000 aud was

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venereal disease officers. A medical man w ho desires to

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