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gradually diminished in size but w as still palpable

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accurate measurements of the registrants if not in the aggregate at

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tected. From the article to which reference was first made the

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lent bronchitis bronchopneumonia acute fibrinous pleurisy acute parenchymatous nephritis.

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venereal disease officers. A medical man w ho desires to

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structure of the vaginal canal. To attain any success in the treat

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and neuralgia it is equally probable in asthma. For example in a

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ments. If any one is disposed to ridicule the seeming absurdity

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depressed below the general contour of the kidneys.

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demned and rejected. This reaction is with us yet in the

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able tolerance is reached. In acute cases the spark gap

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some of which are unknown among us. The most strangling

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tbL tilun and lipa wUeh has bego loat daring tlw mtcmuttcnt Hbtct

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which time the floor of the large ulcer was soft and pulpy. I

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Pathology and its application to practical medicine and wlhen

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and poisonous products which would also tend to keep

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unfounded claim which is sought to be based on it a mark of

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was compelled to move from place to place and on one occa

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process that are still in an luisettled condition and admit of argument

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is very rare the rarest of all monsters except the Tricepha

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not stop one moment orders him instantly to fetch the sur

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of the liver is constantly found the latter morbid condition

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horn but also numerous spindle cells spinnenzellen in cases of paralysis

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chance movements of the arm are sufficient to produce the disloca

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hand. This would seem the natural direction of procedure

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in a few hours from apparent health to imminent danger but

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The third patch occupies the entire space between the elbows and

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cutaneous supply epicritic remains cut off and he re

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Nothwithstanding the general improvement however the patient

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and unharmed and are deposited either with the rognrgi

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action on the pinal cord in paralysis morphine veratrine brucine

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always touch the anterior parts of the bodies. If abscess forms it should

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writers e. g. that as minerals lie in the earth min

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them less capable of resisting infectious disease. Tlia

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tered in the Dispensary and.subjecting her to intensive anti

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the functions of these organs notwithstanding i ainstaking efforts

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mercury or arsenic whether these pass into the blood by the pulmonary by

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ment Medical Officer has been sent down to act. The

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of the shoulder and the transverse processes of the lower cervical vertebrae

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a fter recent examinations of or operations on dirty cases.

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Our Onomatology in Ucgard to Greek Terms. By Achilles

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in the flowers with a delightful fragrance which diffuses itself through

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pigmentation sometimes formed the principal troubles. Many com

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Unavoidable haemorrhage or haemorrhage due to placenta prsevia is

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long been anxious to see light wine regarded as it is

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their stomach is excellent that their intestines only are affected. I have

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cause we found that on that been ver y instructive to me as

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