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bility of unprotected peoples to infeiaious diseases and the con

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extremities as the result of temporary exposure to cold. Local

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ment. It would further explain the failure of salvarsan or mercury

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of the man who swallowed a half sovereign which was finally expelled by

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refer to the trophoneurosis of Romberg the vasomotor surmise of

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ophtfaalmin and its utility in some affections of the cornea have

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wards having the needed legislation passed and this As

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Reply. You are too young for the change of life. Missing one period

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ordination at times and this cerebellar ataxia is often accompanied

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suturing the faucial pillars together as a belated means of

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and W. Salant. The toxic effects of bile are manifold

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to Chicago to fill the position of assistant to the

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point below the giving off of the profunda and the femoral artery

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lis. The Effects of Training A Study of the Harvard University Crew.

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The alveoli are relatively large saccular in form and have

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Other Diseases. Syphilis may be excluded as a direct cause but its

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essential is the examination of the sputum in the early diagnosis of phthisis

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The other example I would quote is that of Switzerland

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Results Prophylaxis and Treatment. Coitus Intemiptus and Its Effects.

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necessary aud a Thomas splint suspended at its end for

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continues it is bound to profoundly influence many of the best

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This case was interesting as demonstrating for one thing the

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ing fluid. Other cases of the kind are reported but the details

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skin lesion of acrodynia was not strictly confined to the plantar

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would read the description in his text book before sallying out

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The opinion is expressed that the antitoxin is a specific

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Elements of Agriculture and Vegetation third edition.

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transfer to the professorship of Systematic Botany at Stanford Uni

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about. This point has been recently emphasized by high authority

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At the front similar conditions existed. As long as the water

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