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hygromata of the common flexor sheaths of the palm as well

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of pain not in the epigastrium but extending from a

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Name ten purgatives and give the dose for the horse.

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asylams and jails where great numbers are accumulated together

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idea of a college library and some of them were enthusiastic in its

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estimate the nature of the cerebral disorder. In this case

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Hypertrophy of the heart is by no means a rare affection for

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A difcharge of blood with the urine fometimes attends diabetes and

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The temperature rises 101 103 F. drowsiness sometimes delirium

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ether and evaporation of the solvent. They have no aui gt

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a commission in the Medical Department of our army who does not

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ans or wheel chairs on a level with the first floor

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A difcharge of blood with the urine fometimes attends diabetes and

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fewer illegal practitioners now in Alabama than any

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There were paralyses involving a accommodation alone accommo

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The Breasts. The breasts and nipples should be particularly at

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Training Corps work during the next session of college. Upon

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sal Eustachian tubes 2 lateral behind the posterior nares and

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than natural is dull in appearance and keeps straining occasional

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of their detection. Moreover the patches of distended lung tissue which

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Some are amenable to the bromides which are advocated by Gueneau

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head is inspired by his heart who although he be unlearned in military

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adrenals has been fairly well established it is a question as to how

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fully employed to allay vomiting and purging in severe cases i

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and measured 13 inches. Before the expiration of three months it died

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signs of emaciation was noted by Stokes as characteristic of malignant

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to degeneration of the erythrocyte. According to the observations

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serves a monument but without it the story of her good deeds will

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school medical inspection was instituted rcsidted in the

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letters written in Latin which he received from this master who was

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for several days without it showing any signs of fogging on being developed.

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I have seen cases of empyema treated in Professor Lister s wards

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anbfflke tbinges fo pontike. anD Delicate tHotlntt e

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endocarditis in private practice which have all fol

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from cells migrating along those nerve trunks which in the

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nares the bridge of the nose the superciliary ridges the

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attendance may receive secret information which under ordinary

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as these patients are usually in good condition the mortality

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Ramsay most probably owes his quite recent discovery of yet another con

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carcinoma. In dog lipoma sarcoma encephaloid carcinoma epithelioma.

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over the mesentery and two lay under the serous investment of the

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for feasts but gradually became a part of the ordinary diet

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tions of the genital nervous centres. The associated symptoms of myelas

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The method has much to recommend it in its simplicity and

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The aljove results do not exclude the possibility that

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urine after this there was a layer of pus at the bottom of

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turbance in the ovary and Fallopian tube may continue

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The calves affected were born with enlarged thyroids. The farm is

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section in these two desperate cases was the impossibility

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dose of the particular strain or strains used for immunization and

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applied too often thus preventing the natural powers from establishing the

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maintain good ventilation and other favourable hygienic conditions.

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hot lard. Lay the croquettes on brown paper first and

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in French ports no questions have been raised as to damage done.

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snip away with scissors an elliptical fragment of fascia on either side

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An Old Shoulder Dislocation ivith Report of a Case.

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Schmidt M. Wandwnderstand uod Elastizitat von Blutgefassen.

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given of the disease due to visceral displacement which

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contents as to produce a relative anaemia of its particular area or a

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during the operation of the associated nerve areas rapidity

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hatching is interfered with and the development of the adults is

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made both as to quality and quantity in gross or in detail

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said that his committee always communicated both with

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the statement of the dealer that the tablet was found at Kaleh

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There is a side issue with regard to gonorrhoea which I

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in the interior districts. The five fingers which are ordinarily

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five per cent 133 out of 177 cases according to Sibson of aneurysms

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the fumes from slaking lime. Also an occasional emetic while

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while. Ecchymosis developed slowly over the region of

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neurasthenia high fever and such a fever has been observed

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will then sit for a group portrait to be painted by

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utes and again under less favorable conditions have obtained

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has been taken by mistake for ginger beer and for antimonial

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so meekly. Shorn of its flowery periods what Sir A. Mond

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thermometer and a set of platform scales may point the way to an

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determined by the fact that her makeup for years prior to her

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deficiency of that class of horses for home use should conditions

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Fair fearful wreck tenament of a soul itself a soul.

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M. Apply at bed time and remove with sugar water in the

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