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in many cases the asthma if present will in consequence

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also measured a number of Japanese Chinese Ilocanos and Tagalogs

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food eggs milk etc. are the most necessary but vegetables and

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the removal of the calva the saw was supplemented by the

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lying abscesses tend to heighten intracranial pressure more than superficial

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Summer Diarrhoea Urticaria Pyelitis Cystitis lt fcc.

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this as in other respects. Proper teaching however

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Pacific and also among the Malay tribes of southeastern

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or flows out again through efferent tracts and nerves as an

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tuberculous meningitis continues to be pronounced in spite of the polymorpho

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of clinics in various parts of the count. In this way

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which under all circumstances and in all its forms is injurious. Increased

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makes through tlie medium of the neck muscles. He said there

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i. e. before the pathogenic organisms have had time

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the point of restitution thereby interfering permanently with adequate

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insurance company so why should the examiner work at a re

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causes. Cardiac hypertrophy is rare in childhood except as the result

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blood The occurrence of these secondary affections renders emphysema il

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tissue is made possible and still another is the facility of

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Second neuralgic. Third membranous. The pain arises from

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ence is manifested in the succeeding fall of the temperature.

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The negroes therefore show the h west figures in sici lt ness while

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stronger but less frequent. From these and some other facts the

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ordinary ailment was suddenly and mercilessly expelled from

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will be interested too in looking over the collective review of reduc

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number of pebbles. They passed his rectum the follow

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Base Hospital No. 29 ceased operating on January 12 1919 sailed for the

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it the author for the first time made a microscopical

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cephalus serous meningitis congenital or infantile and secondary or ac

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supply due in part to incomplete restoration of the supply

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that the distended portion acted as a reserA oir cf

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The TERMINATION of acute myalgia is commonly in full recovery but

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the method of incision inside the sterno mastoid and draw

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Memoire historique et instructif sur I Hospice de la Ma

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the course of our travels we should be carried sooner or later quite

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and which she had always been able to reduce. When Cooper saw

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IT IS a well established fact that pilots show marked evidences of

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tissue as to interfere seriously with the necessary

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enough of an excess of toxin to produce symptoms. INIarked

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the administrative division of the country gradually changed from

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skin itself and sometimes over the clothes. The man

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a mare he has mammae and by raising his tail there is exposed

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operation has been performed and in which hemorrhagic in

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le rjli or two applied in the crural region when the mensUual period

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For at least a week no one concerned had the remotest idea that

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his rural seclusion being broken only by the custom

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certain local affections especially those of a nervous character. The

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tion with the City Health Officer is also anticipated and an

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distinct gains in enabling us to cure and prevent dis

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well deserved reputation for superior knowledge and skill. Some

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was overcome by persistently keeping the patient on her

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the care and attention of his general physician. He has been

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attacks of intestinal obstruction at last colostomy was

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lactic treatment and care of all parts of tbe human bodj.

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The habits of the patient would account for some exogenous

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patient it would seem reasonable that these two observed factors a lowering

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the function so that it seems not improbable that there may yet

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centration and free HCl and increasing the buffer value.

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which hath of late years appeared in this city and the parts

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parasitism symbiosis and the complex relations of benefit and

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and midrib exeej t the latter sometimes becoming glabrous or nearly so

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Cyprus Dr. Barry published a considerable folio volume containing

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so severe as to destroy life immediately. Five such instances have been

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dose to be increased by the addition of m. i daily.

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is closely dependent on the circulation of the blood so that when

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lived at the gate. We believe the whole subject is under investigation

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astrous course we are compelled to regard a remedy at once

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the treatment of the various patholofric conditions in which they

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atitis. The connective tissue is conspicuous around some of the

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from the skin resides in secretions from the mucous mem

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No. 5 are particularly interested in having the unit

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patient lives in conformity to hygienic principles the

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author discusses the Vernon Harcourt apparatus. On the whole

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by its presence. Among such complicating medical ailments it is

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Neither shall it be a good defence to prove that the article

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As proof of his contention the Food Commissioner will

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the administration of the coal tar products. He said that many stom

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profitable by way of stimulus and instigate future candidates to emulate

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Physician to the Northeastern Hospital for Children Hackney etc.

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trust that Dr. Crile will continue his work which is

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fingers toes and heels no part of his body presented the sodden

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one ounce Oil of Turpentine lalf an ounce. Work in water as above.

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from the ground. The farmer has probably helped more in the devel

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first time that a piece of wetted sponge pushed into a bleeding

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trophy. Enlargement of the heart must be distinguished from media.sttnal

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felt ashamed. The mutilation of corpses w 7 hen it has occurred

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