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over represented we still must remember that when our Act was passed

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of the tongue muscles may be developed. Under these conditions the tongue

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No tissue of the economy fibrous muscular mucous nervous

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Woodman Mr. J. early vaccination of infants in work

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isleucocytic infiltration and destruction of the shaft of the hair. The epithelial

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Kneedler will proceed to San Diego Barracks to relieve Contract

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generally the best treatment. In cases in which the

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and plague zvere reported to the surgeon general during

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secrete in the same amount of time three gallons making in all

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of the Army or to the applicants for appointment to the

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same rules hold good with regard to the repetition and management

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Moore found the lesions present in the poultry examined

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Karikatur im fllbum comique ift nicbt gerade geiftvoll. Eine junge Frau

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p l cypode8. Mangin 1832 420. Sauer 1898 gYifelc Il l

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mence to ossify about puberty but are not united to the vertebra

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either an inhibitory or an exciting effect upon the movements

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family could by a word wield an influence that would be

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process of completing the sets seems likely to continue for an indefinite

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expressed the opinion that the case was probably an early eryth

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especially after feeding previous disease overwork defective teeth

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paper on Trade Phthisis at the Social Science Congress in 1865 the

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where with the gentlemen in attendance upon the clinic a unique

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respectively but relatively in association with moderate

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fact that it was accessible in equal proportion to the profession

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caldo naturale ad essi Onde narro Galieno de uno che fu uulnerato e

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definite evidence of acute inflammation and were usually seen along

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tional hrinn disorder ad ecting the nerve centres controlling the motor ap

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treatment of any kind is required since the distorted parts

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ally the tracheal sound is unduly conducted to the surface over the

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of P ifty for the investigation of the liquor problem not a few

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by the president confer with a similar committee representing

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lilacs Preliminary to Amputation of Ijovver Extremity at

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may be made to the incidence of permanent paralysis. The statistics of

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burning scalds amp c which had taken place years before.

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dissipation with a mulatto after which he had violent spasms rendering flex

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The high proportion of cases of syphilis would go to show that

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Cords normal during inspiration no movement on attempt at phonation.

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of which 1 590 were new. The total number of patients maintained in

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creaturarum but there is nothing to suggest that the Liber suh

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I am well aware of the other side of the picture. The

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principles He quotes ad libitum from nearly 300 refer

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LISTERINE diluted with water or glycerine speedily relieves certain fermentative

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of rank. The final acceptance in the military service is depend

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injections. In order to throw some light on this point the

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kept the first place to indicate medical efficiency. Could

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registration for the purpose of improving the statistics if

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the animal becomes rapidly emaciated and is nearly always lyin ib

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vein or extension of the cancer to the peritoneum may also induce ascites.

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Unwin has worked out a plan of adapting the width and improvement

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an inflammation she had caused covered it with fresh lard and waited the

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of the eyes others controlling the lateral movements and so on.

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from the skin. They were of all sizes intermediate betweei

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our fellow beings in the very acme and zenith of a suc

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carlj that is to say I ordered tbe usual rest diet

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