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irritation. Oily fatty substances such as olive oil.

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long bones the last especially after amputation of the thigh

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been demonstrated in Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Wolbach

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lution of the subject houses of prostitution should be

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treatment of the braiu. I have seen a good deal of this

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died heroically and calmly at that stake the very thought of

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the use of the substance. Uterine contractions are more numerous

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Wales and tlie fertility in Connaught had been rising in the last

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lad intestines but the point of greatest development of the ulceration

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struck whereupon Mr. Wheeler cut down and removed it. The

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Chronic alcoholism. The registrant on examination must show suffused eyes

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fiques of Claude Bernard. The excitation of one kind

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seen than formerly. Amongst the young we seldom see badly twisted spines

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This change Dr. Leyden found in the blood vessels of the kidneys

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anaesthesia and deafness when present is on the side of the lesion and

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criminal s portrait is taken by simply smearing the

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at our dining tables as well as in our operating rooms

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five miles long and one mile wide. The resort owes its

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exudations may after being removed continue to reappear. These affections

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ward a branch into the mandibular arch the N. glosso

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tuberculous glandular swellings as polynucleosis prevails in the

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reddish active slightly elevated margin and leaving

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tion must a child be taken out of bed for the purpose

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Guilmot thinks that the space left by the foetus must necessariTv brfnt

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is entered opposite this item in the column of remarks.

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old cases has been demonstrated to our satisfaction

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epilepsy diabetes and tuberculosis. The dose is 3 to 5 grains

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and all other person assigned to duty therewith shall be collectively

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parts of hot bichloride of mercury packs will effect

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with sixteen inscriptions and 26 years in the case of

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asphyxia. The left index finger is bluish red the right index

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when the sensibility of the stomach is greatly reduced or the vital

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Council in making an addition to the central staff in

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tions for relief even if such surgical methods are em

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to show to the public what the official Journal itself says of the

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to ote maaet a mention of man people tbat oto not onel

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tinued in a neurotic case when no evident benefit is pro

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toms are due to acids or alkalies the appropriate antidote

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fibromata of the skin and the adenofibromata of the

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leukemia. This frequent association of splenic tumor

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which have arisen from such mistakes it will be suffi

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