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which would be usually considered osteomalacia as they

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there are the three absori tion bands of methicmoglobin of which the one

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dominating numbers in 23 per cent. and in subsidiary numbers in 54 per

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Properties and Uses. A valuable tonic and is considered to be the

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The cardiac indication is usually obvious. The right heart needs not

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ized. This increase which became effective May 1920 makes the

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It is doubtful whether cases in the second stage ever recover.

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mouth a commencing pufi in the respiration. In fact she seemed dying

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In starting out with a new outfit it is advisable for a time

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patieut be such as to demand immediate action the operation of laparot

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point of view to carry ou the work of the hospitals she

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lance when they lift the litter out and lower it to the

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ning also nearly straight into the sharply pointed apex. The basal

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Members as possible may have at least some idea of the wish

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points over supra orbital foramen and supratrochlear notch. Supposing

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generalised in all the branches of the vascular tree.

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and it remained in the tube incorporated with the blood clot. When

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from a long tour of corresponding work in the Balkans.

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that the prostate should be removed in toto with the

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many siderl Franklin writer legislator diplomat inventor

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There are none of the symptoms which are commonly regarded as anaphy

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the appearance of raw denuded surfaces that result from the

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way and giving the flip to the difeafe difcoura o Wly toin.

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considered again by the Council and the Council had come

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to the introduction of the catheter he hinted a determinatioa

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the part or ulceration. In exceptional cases the stricture is beyond the reach

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hearing as the author means to say for hearing in Latin

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author recommends it only as a preliminary to the various

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protracted cases the results are said to be favorable.

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days without a motion. Moreover the feces should be compa

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ift eine Gefcbicbte des Strieker aus den Streicben des PfafFen Fimeis.

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tubage nor through the opening formed by gastrostomy

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operation they are first washed free from blood and then put in

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requiring strength and endurance and forced marching and if such

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leucocytes polymorphonuclears mononuclears and rarely eosino

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forms tumors that can be felt externally. Kelynack Medical Chronicle

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Glioma is a malignant tumor which may develop in the earliest years

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of the regularity with which cells of different guinea pigs act

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only with Fowler s solution points to the arsenic rather than the benzol

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operating zeal no matter how skilful as an operator can do more

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emetic that he might eat again or be saved from the effects

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twelve hours. There is no apparent reason why these flashes of lost

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tion was successful from a cosmetic point of view as shown by

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is essential. Quiet cool comfortable quarters with abundant bedding

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able account of the system of prison administration in this

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term of service in tin army without serious inconvenience.

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and other equally absurd delusions occur in general paresis. Maniacal

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Mensuration may show a definite increase in the vohune of the side

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agent. It is allied in its chemistry to antipyrin phenyl

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by Chittenden and others or the familiar rapid reduction of fat

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hospital which 13 able to take children from any age up

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accurate or comparable readings of the internal temperature

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I have seen weakness of the orbicularis palpebrarum in three cases of

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those of Hugo Schulz on healthy persons in whom col

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ably is too late. The gentlemen with the itching palm appear to

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The original observations upon which this lecture is largely

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offering his services to the public should at the present time be

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action played some role in the cure of albuminuria after scarlet fever or

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Dr. MacCallum addressing the Council explained graciously

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these jobs will be imperiled. Correspondingly innovation in

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the inside of lymphatic vessels. These cords unite with others and then

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According to this writer the Gasserian and geniculate ganglia

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venience but since then there had been a gradual increase.

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Problems Connected with the Collection and Production of Human

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in their huts until stale. But that a fish qtia fish diet is

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veterinary science in this country had been retarded and

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rubbing can be learned from a book by those who know

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a local styptic action is desirable and it is obtained

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nishing it with an enormous variety of remedial agents anesthetics

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ical examination reveals total destruction of the acini and hepatic cells.

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