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Etiology. Hypertrophy of the heart follows the law governing mus

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hor gt e serum administered ll odermlcally is urticaria purpura is relatively

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Four fifths of the ovartime in the Section origijiated with

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tioned by Dr. Gradle but I thought it better to de

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The kinds of tents used were two Eluropean models the marquee and the

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Ornithodorus savignyi and Relapsing Fever in Somaliland

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advisability of extending the wound downward. The removal of several

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plegia in the course of measles. An instance is re

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affects the various divisions of the intestinal tract. Catarrh of the

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out his method of anesthesia with great ease and skill.

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Bile Professors Crum Brown and Fraser on the Connection between

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date for hospital purposes and was estimated to be worth

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atized type which so often occurs in degenerates prior

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Haemophilia. Von Peters reports a case of haemophilia in a woman

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ing to some physiologists glycogen may be formed from either

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A woman twenty five years of age became suddenly unconscious during severe

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injections. In order to throw some light on this point the

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R. Roberts of Philadelphia said that several years ago

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with the Indians often had occasion to utilize his friendly in

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disfigured his face as to make what was originally a

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plegia and present in ataxia. Strabismus ptosis etc. are present in

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It seems almost preposterous to attempt in the limited time fif

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side of the pharynx the submaxillary glands and part of the lower

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cut across and the ratcliet or sttfcl spring detached. This done the

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rized by forty ihree milligrammes of curare while morphine is

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in the stomach over eight hours but gallstones were

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tion had an object lesson of the good it had done by

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have little at present to say. The operator will be

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year at still another school. If an excellent course

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ing constantly called for. The ground work or plan of the

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which for so long has been exclusively attributed to the softening

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judging of the presence or absence of this dyscrasia apart

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that the supposition that the facial alone supplies

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train in g and lives devoted to a holy calling it is

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LooKTEU Lyonel. Advertisement concerning those most excellent

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were over two rears old so that the older the child the

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in the University of Pennsylvania. Twelftli edition. Philadelphia

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a suitable institution. The home treatment of hysteria is

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have had.sugar in her urine for many years and that

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the latter pass into ulceration and frequently first come under

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with it myriads of these germs which otherwise would

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Alkalies may be given in small quantities. The diet should be fish and

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tals. There was no attempt at medical clinical teaching in

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great refemblance to that dreadful difeafe the plague.

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been formally annouuced. It is now certain however

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observant sense continue to decry all laboratory and

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blood in which are found small brownish or black masses scaicelf Mi

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civilized life and the difficulty of automatic adjustment.

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undergo cheesy degeneration. And even solitary lobules may remain

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to the general method employed reference is made to the

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the Marine Brigade it is hoped that a sufficient number of

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blood pressure varied at different times of the day

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pains in the back and general hyperesthesia or such as

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Of course such radical changes interrupt the historical sequence of

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pylephlebite obliterante chronique a poussees successives. Paris med. 1920 i

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tuni.ies of post mortem examination this is the only one in which I

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inal to offer hut that I may contribute to the literature

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the characteristic benefit of English academic tradition namely

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ing event in the progress of chemistry during this half cen

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morning. Fortunatelj there were no patients on board at

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unsatisfactory that the secretary and president elect

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in the place where they were detached were measled more or less

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For instance amongst these 62 cases in 27 the knee jerku were

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later if possible by a change of air to a temperate sunny

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from ill etiological point of view can be excluded.

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the other hand simple uterine displacements and catarrh if uncomplicated

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that unity that might have been expected from the attention which

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tinguished the objects about her home according to their form density weight and

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Isobe has shown by experimental study that when one kidney is

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of the blood corpuscles. The coma of apoplexy or from any injnrjr

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If applied pure before the swelling has reached its height

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He was a great master of sarcasm and had an abundance of

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gulated intestine actually in a state of incipient gangrene which could

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into neglecting his home and leading a dissipated life this

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animals in contiguous corrals instead of double fences with ample

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one who has watched legislation regarding and affect

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bation of the chancre in the male parent the product

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They are always to be prepared to serve out hot liquid

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and more conducive to efficiency in extensive work.

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The first is stated to be produced by cold over exertion or mechanical

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sound of Tetragrammaton f if his eye delight not in the sign

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lymph nodes thyroid and thymus may grow and even reach a

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ness over bad roads is likely to produce abortion and mares that

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amount of urine remaining after the patient has been requested

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