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from a qualitative point of view quantitatively they

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cal teat but now seem to demand theoretical condderaticm.

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and at a given elevation where privacy and juiet are possible and where

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his face to make the left side correspond more to the

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from the functional nerve disorder by consideration of the

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The test used is a standard iodine solution with sodium nitroprusside

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internal secretion of the adrenals which assumes that this secretion is

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more especially in the cervical region with consequent pressure upon the

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tliat cyroscopy indicates to what extent the kidneys

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usually in association with renal changes. The secondary hypertrophy of

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ttrengtb tobcrein 3 jjaue feene maruetlous effectes i tbeg

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fever or in both collections 34 in 47 cases. In 5 cases

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childhood in every case of arthritis deformans of the elbow in middle and

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may become more clarified our premises may prove to be at fault

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better in fleep than in our waking hours and our dreams in the

for which disorder is phenazopyridine (pyridium) most commonly administered

Arsenous acid iodide of arsenic. Fowler s solution and

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leaves with minute dots. The corolla is funnel shaped smooth and of

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selves with these cases merely observing that the impor

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irregular in shape. The tunica intima had a coarse fibroid appearance and

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owing as has been supposed to the greater length and

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average. I expect that the number of corpuscles in his blood had never

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Larrabee I have been considerably interested and I may say annoyed

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grooming. The age state of health or disease and mode of feeding

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When the boy returned home on December 23d from boarding school his

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III. Report on the social and domestic conditions of 190

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tion of the electrical reactions of all muscles may be necessary to ascertain

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for increase in the pubic curve. The pubic curve may however be so

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table activity of the brain it has given relief. In

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will enable us to recognize the renal lesion. These

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I have seen two cases in which a diagnosis of general paresis

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infolge der entstandenen Wanddehnung teils vielleicht durch

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woman who had swallowed a small screw without noticing

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later the serum is distributed in sterilised bottles containing I2i to 25

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Up to the present only nine species of Culicidae have been

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considered in connection with the history of these fevers.

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detected. Weinberg s test was positive and there was an eosinophilia of

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modest proportions being restricted to items actually in the Sur

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clusion he thanked the officers of the society for the sup

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allotted to pay his physician. In this case delica

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