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from direct contact in nursing. The patients all recovered.

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about the scrotum the integument being quite natural. Yet he stated

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tice in North Carolina to his death created a vacancy and Dr. Lewis

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Of Dr. Bishop I have only been able to find that he

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Kentucky he said an organization has been efifected

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portionate rise in the splanclinic area. In overwhelming doses

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p. 132. It is rarely necessaiy to resort to that recommended by Gerlach

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pedics who it was planned would be attached to each convalescent camp which

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Fees. The fees for the lectures and hospital attendances

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rare One case was observed by Harvey an army veterinarian and

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ings and leave this mixture in the room for 3 hours before opening.

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of the lens or its capsule causing its dissolution and subsequent

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tion of the electrical reactions of all muscles may be necessary to ascertain

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specially designated officers and noncommissioned officers of the regular formations whose

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and since it is extremely poisonous an Indian arrow poison

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ment the secretions particularly those from mucous membranes. It is

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stances it is believed that decided sanitary improvement has been

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Forcatarrhal or herpetic or diphtheritic tonsillitis

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reasonably presumed that an accumulation of excessive and abnor

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for 15 seconds. If obliteration is desired steam at

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for purposes of comparison and the results attained

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or fourth day. It lasts als.o a variable period of thirty days or

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rological Institute in about 20 000 cases. Such ex

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letter from the British Medical Association which was

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thus study more carefully the history of morbid conditions. While much de

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was educated at Liverpool Medical College. When only

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weakeftomake foritcaufeth appetite and is a helpeto

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table is made uniform with that constructed by Cave. I

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tions The twenty third annual meeting of the x meri

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Pauai to Baguio 4696 Merrill November 1905 District of Lepanto Mount

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cational and open to visitors. The following amendments to

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Indian Jotirmd of Medical Rene irch Vol. 7 No. 4 1020

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Give cause symptoms and treatment of aseptic periostitis.

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saloon keeper there had persisted in selling and one of his customers

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Thirteen patients were given oils of one or another

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in all. The patient did not experience the slightest pain.

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are taxed to their utmost capacity to resist the attack. So danger

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so to speak than the cause itself it is pretty sure to stimulate

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