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The air in these regions is very pure moderately dry variable

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all of the digestive processes are hydrolytic cleavages

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case of an old anterior poliomyelitis followed by atrophy

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lumbar region. She had also attacks of vertigo mental

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A patient of WestphaVs 1 who was both insane and aphasic almost always

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of universal concern and they deem it desirable that in

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hyperplasia 2nd necrosis and ulceration 3rd cicatrization.

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schools and academies at various cities of the State. Their work began

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has been introduced into the Pharmacopoeia as valerianic acid is

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ment by refrigeration of the cranium which had been already indicated

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amounts of radioactive energy directed at any animal body com

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some take the road less travelled but life is too short

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rent a dwelling from one landlord or upon one floor.

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rious habits and the like before the existence of disease is

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rarely bilateral Krause describes one such case and I have seen this

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Ministry s methods of the administration of the approved

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inal cavity after laparotomy and in powders of 3 deci

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in Baltimore than in Boston. This will perhaps not surprise you.

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recognizable by the naked eye. Atrophy of the antero lateral columns

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of a dilute sulphate pf copper solution and then as much liquor potasses

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definite ratio to the known vitamin contents and that this growth

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aureus. In the minority of cases there are present also

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down. These veins lead directly to the vena cava and fre

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A bronchitis or a bronchopneumonic process could account for these

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to resemble those for instance of Messahalah one of the simplest

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or as cargo or otherwise howsoever any plague microbes or

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ably on the affections of the heart. Some authors prefer to look

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general ati.Tsthcsi.i and is nuirc benign we may hope

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generally found in the cells of the dorsal root ganglia and not infrequently

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temperature of the first morning was an exceptionally

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to be presided over by Dr. George Ben Johnston of Richmond

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within the first forty eight hours 6.6 per cent died while of the

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remedies. It will be observed that the water closely re

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however rarely required from it. It should in nearly every case be

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Lesions bullae which rupture followed by a profuse keratosis

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For this purpose the eye piece of the microscope is removed

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tact. The improvement I allude to is the use of mercury on

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down to approximately a ton. The four cylinders ot the

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more especially when it is remembered that at present small pox is

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is to say the bile obstructed in its onward flow by

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In semiconfluent and confluent cases pitting of the face

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This is also an extremely rare occurrence and I can only find one

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secondary cysts while the other hand withdraws the tumor as it is emptied.

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