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Service commissioned or under contract zvill be entitled
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that the finger and thumb might be placed on each side of
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scientific branches of medicine and has unselfishly devoted
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the skin. The itch mite Acarus scabiei Sarcoptes scabiei or Sarcoptes
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It is also excellent in calculous afifectionr dropsy rheumatism
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ported cases of conception following myomectomy but there
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wound for a few ininutes to permit of the oozing of
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C. L. Leonard Philadelphia reports his results m the use o
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were prompted by his own taste for the beautiful and a de
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tions while not extensive were very interesting and at
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tremely good chapter on the diet. In the latter the
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nature lere the visceral derangement is great quina will not succeed and
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medical men who are broken down with consumption and prac
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Looes 1899b 578 to Acanthost. 1901 to Acanthochasmus.
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attempts at paracentesis have been made. A case is reported in which
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dition fluctuated for about a week when the membrane of the
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Norfolk. He had beon gazetted temporary lieutenant in
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sharp pointed bodies like sounds knitting needles etc. produce
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Fortunately the epidemic proved to be much less menacing than the
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die Bestimmungen der Retraktionsgrossen erwiesen haben ist
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Epicrisis. I have copied this history practically verbatim from
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Sir It is now announced in the daily press that there
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nephrosis. There is usually considerable lassitude attending the progress
congestion of the larynx when other stimulating inhalations have
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the pericarp coriaceous 2 celled each cell with two ovules.
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ment was to terminate labor as quickly as possible.
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nerve which had become surrounded by dense fibrous tissue.
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stitution a statement as to which individual or de
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I make this clinical report simply to bear testimony to
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exercise both for sons and daughters. But the whole credit
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covery in the majority of cases. In a small percentage of cases recovery
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and then v dth the best results but the addition of
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the Diseases of Pregnancy and Parturition and the attentions required
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chyme about 50 per cent filtrate total acidity 98 free
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Besides the above there will be a Discussion on Vaccination in which
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objective evidence and when the use of the retinoscope reveals no refrac
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Of frequent occurrence are tender bluish red raised patches an inch or
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Latin English Dictionary Cassell s. Thoroughly revised and corrected and in
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and English statistical reports at our disposal. The first statis
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organisms that have been isolated from cases of gas
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as they have been in the past to face much obloquy in
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was quite evident in gross sections of the lung. The section showed the
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been collected from private practice are of a wholly different
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nephritis and there were a few small hemorrhagic infarcts in the
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bromides and chloral for the pain. The latter reme
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an old tuberculous lesion. In both cases the same mechanical influence
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membership it would obtain it could even do it now
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tolerated. Painting the enlarged joints with iodine is in the line of
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by vitreous degeneration and opacity gross pigmentation of
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sible and should be changed. If the attack begin by lumbago warm
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service his retirement from active service March 25 1902 under the
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About 1500 J. Nufer a swine gelder in Switzerland had suc
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there appeared to be also a true paralysis of motion
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It may even seem to upset the old beliefs altogether though
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millions of persons in the middle of this year. The rates of mortality
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after some six weeks the same prince of finance flooded the
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public some novel but conjectural views of hydrophobia.
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The stump of the tongue was transfixed with a silk ligature
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The single filament lamp and the linotype lamp were very
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ative treatment of tuberculosis of the bladder has not
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The action of the drug may differ in different animal species. Know
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country. It may be noted that tlie principle of removing
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In the treatment of hemorrhoids we should always gen
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can be readily removed. At times during operations one finds the appen
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that suggillations in the groove made by the ligature on
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vhich is sometimes added White Wax to give it a firmer consistence see
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Frothy fluid generally clear but occasionally blood tinged oozed from
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the spine or in some cases on both. Oul a few German
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gaturen fast immer 8.5 mm gegen Ende derselben 22 23 mm
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errors common to the frontier. In the course of the conversation he

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