Anyone Can Get a FREE Apple iPad 3g


Article by Frank There are lots of people that ignore the chance becoming a tester for Apple's new products after they appear, including the Apple iPad 3g that's being given away for FREE to testers everywhere this very moment! You might think that it's impossible … [Read more...]

Get a Free Apple iPad 3G – Just For Testing Products

Article by Kary Wilson Despite how badly you may want to own an Apple iPad 3g, you may not be able to afford the steep 0 price tag. The good news is that this product can be obtained, free of charge to you, with free 1 year 3G service, no contract required, and … [Read more...]

Get a Free iPad 3g if You Can Read and Write

Article by Peter Mathis Let's say you wanted to get your greedy little hands on an iPad 3g, but did not have the cash to buy one. They usually cost at least over 0, wherever you look. And in fact, that's a steal of a deal if you can get it for that price. Usually … [Read more...]

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