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th time is near when old England herself will be astonished at our

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Pliny and Avicenna Matthiolus regarded it as a sort of saliva or

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the ensiform cartilage. The pain was not referred. All this

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cept in the early stages is a repiratory depressant and

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Sir Frederick Treves who has just returned from Paris

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gested districts of the city records of children s dispen

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during the death struggle. The other lesions were prohahly regressive and

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one of the spires of that grand cathedral building which

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subjects bear pneumonia very badly and the preliminary

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long tubular peritrem lying along and above the haunches and open

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titioners the Council might then be said fairly to represent all parties.

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produces a fibrillar intercellular substance together with

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cover slip and may then be stained or sections may

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Eemarks on the Epidemic Yellow Fever of the south coasts

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with the more minute and satisfactory histological investigations recently made

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cinchona and its alkaloids under Quines Disulphas. The author has endear

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joint emerging at the outer upper end of the suture line

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recognized as predisposing causes while the accumulation of

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has been appointed chief quarantine officer for the island of

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Delhi boil to be undertaken and that special provision has been

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iodine or the stronger tincture known as Churchill s Monsell s solution

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The heart is then hardened in 10 per cent of formalin and

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developed caudal pouch the spicule is straight thin and very

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regions apj eared from the use of this drug has been reported.

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with admission discharg e and noneffective rates of 200.34 3.41 and

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Bail was subsequently accepted himself in 100 and two sureties in

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discussing the various methods by which the same theorem may

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into a state of stupor and coma involuntary evacuations take place there

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sent themselves in most if not in all cases as prob

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cultures has thus far failed to protect rabbits against subsequent inoculation with

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upon as a Jacobite or partisan of the exiled monarch and

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Athletics were very important in the early Hahnemann years.

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was detaclie. nearly through ut 1 cornu.and the placenta

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The researches of Poulsson demonstrate that when cocaine is

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utmost liberality in rating individual physicians as

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clare that it is more efficacious than any other agent.

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tic. The more.septic the peritonitis the lower the tem

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Prophylaxis of Venereal Diseases. The French Minister ij

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transportation problem was overcome by the division surgeon detailing his own side car

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CHOLERA TYPHOID FEVER ETC. Considerable has lately been

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pleura is permitted. In the last gen sulphide is also present

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is yet elusive it has not been definitely is gt lated. Writers on

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local circulatory stimulants. The continuous current also

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punching hag exercise and horseback riding are indicated also moderate

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lymphatics it seemed that to submit this view to experiment

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excluded in this case and no prolonged or vigorous efforts were

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cars. INIany were not allowed to go into the shopping district at

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there is no such thing as a patient suffering from a single

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ditions of warfare on the western front which we take pleasure in

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