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Our Onomatology in Ucgard to Greek Terms. By Achilles

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The suTgeiy of the eye received an important uplift in 1752

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efficiency of which might be easily impaired. When and how

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turn of the seizures by improving the tone of the nervous system. In

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the South Kensington Museum. It was pointed out that considering

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dermatitis. Dreyfus had only six cases of cutaneous eruptions in 1 000

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the Secretary the Ambulance Construction Commission 10 Henrietta

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KoTTWESTBUEG Jan. Zee Chirurgie of Matroozen Troost in zeer

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quent than it was before and what is most singidar

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form but under strict aseptic technique it is probably not as dangerous an

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rivulets of fresh water flowing down from the moantun

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degree of undergoing putrefaction. This great and important difference is

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mon than is generally believed. It has been thought nearly incurable but with

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Dr. CUiotson does not contend for clairvo ance as a common occurrence

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enteroptosis splenoptosis or nephroptosis. The clinical picture

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in life dilated to double the natural size and thus form real aneurysms.

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of a cock hen or other animal being once in putrescence

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up except a large opening through which the emulsion is poured

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insolubility of uric acid and its corresponding difficulty of excretion are reflected

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taken place even in the chronic stages but more frequently the

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tion of the ureter from the sides of the pelvis as has been

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I Murphy Journal of the American Medical Association

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moved to a Parliamentary Bill. This was done on two

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signed by a majority of that committee are as follows

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simple anus a little in front of the caudal point. The absence of

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is introduced into the bladder. This carries with it a

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mation supplied to him by his extraordinary industry in

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maxilla collected from various sources. Of this number 2 only are

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genital organs and where it was afterward proved that there was inabil

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trouble at eighteen years of age and another from cerebrospinal

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nication is to call attention to certain practical points

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remove the vesicular lesions as well as those in the

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too seldom. It seems that the Association should be strong enough

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have already been made in the relief of diseases and in the

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actuiU age of the cottages which the employees wOl occupy.

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Division and Branch secretaries and said that he looked

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laboratories under the control of the Committee are ready

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heart s action is arrested and death ensues. The later attacks are excited

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table infusions strong acids alkalies and their carbonates.

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few cases and has been found somewhat increased v. Bemmelen found a

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rested well the first night and complained of no pain then or subsequently.

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Discussing the probable mode of spread of the American form of

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proven to be rudiments can have but slight significance for the

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