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mend are peculiarly suitable for those to use who have not studied the

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structure. In the first place we can determine with

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imported. Not a single pound of pure Aleppo scammony has passed

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histology of cataract after a careful microscopical examination of a ut fifty

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ature in the morning. It is worthy of note that the passage of

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pendicitis. in those examples in which there are no

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cational exercises was even more evident than in similar conditions of

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bronchial abdominal or pelvic glands were discovered which might

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and refer those interested to a complete bibliography on the

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mucosa at the time that the original plates were made.

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when trains were in one garage and where train trips followed consecutively

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mind confessing that his opinion had been changed time

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from those much more numerous axioms which are implicitly ad

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Medical Department of the State University of Illinois etc. Chicago The

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frequently also a hemorrhagic catarrhal process is met with. Not seldom

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talists and even foreign rulers. These checks were actually

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female kitten which had become very thin showed multiple disease

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He makes arrangements with officers commanding units of

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marked atrophy of the femur very marked shortening

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No contributions for tlie week ending October 9 1915.

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so considerable that they constitute the most essential factor of

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would be effected by catharsis. Hence the cure must be

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butchers of one of the large market towns in reference

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of certain simple diseases. The facts were essentially

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