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motor and secretory fuuction.s of the stountch. Acconling to Van der

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Here are the names of some of the physicians surgeon generals

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greatly aggravated with delirium excessive laughter violent gestures

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tion or periproctitis has occurred. When peritonitis has arisen the

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ataxia is itself a treatment of fear. The correction

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children scholars in good health. A school cannot create health but it

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an anxious look the eyes are widely opened the nostrils extremely

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Mott saySy you Dr. Edson have after laborious research and

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causes that might be brought forward to account for the changes it has

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Tucker Alexander Benjamin 15 Crotcn rd. Fordsburg Transvaal

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by thickening of the intestinal coats and increased vascularization. Physio

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the patients are under almost absolute control. We all

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as fall as might be. Three simple quantitative tests were

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of Employment of Children and Young Persons in Textile

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vantages electrical methods have become extensively standardized for

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or cure the inebriate it only changes the direction

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her let me read you a few lines of this paper and explain

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on as a rule vomiting which occurs either at the height

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prominence was visible. In no instance were nodular masses found

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this symptom abated very shortly. She had a good day

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and 1 suggest that this meeting should give a definite

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side and outside. It is by far the safest and best treatment

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Dr. Curtin the tenor of whose life ever afterward seemed pitched

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the partition. This tubercle it is believed by Dr. Baber may

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behind the screen so that she might recover herself

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purely honorific and not likely to bring the pecuniary gain that

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nient should be carefully excluded a task not very easih accom

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due to the influence of the permanent magnet Fig. 26.

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mesenteric below and the gastro duodenal above. Un

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I make this clinical report simply to bear testimony to

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so called solitary or respiratory bundle at its ventro lat

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Insoluble portion Thirty four grams of benzaldehyde phenylhydrazone of a

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than among the other blind. Of 340 congenitally blind 16 that

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prefers to any other method. The simplest and safest provocative method

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