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tion of surgical diseases and indeed the whole of the pathological department are
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expenditure. It would be a short sighted policy to confine
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name among those most cherished in the annals of our
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adopted are reported by Dr. Hamilton Kussell of Mel
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tion o the purpose and method of such a fund a state
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claim that operative interference in cases like the first
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degeneration after a trifling proliferation and the
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of the 3d pregnancy. The same occurred again in the
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der Erythrozytenanzahl und des Hamoglobingehalts beurteilte.
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eion the conjunctivae were insensitive but an hour later became sensitive
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protein 30.5 grams of fat 308 grams of carbohydrate and had a fuel
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to be the agent of the.Association or in any way to incur
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disaster for themselves or their children. The month following the
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the tissues of the snail the pathological picture is much more
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both the intake of oxj gen and the output of carbon dioxide cause
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and other ailments. A teaspoonful of blood from the noso
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not become involved. Sooner or later a return is to be feared. See
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minations may conveniently be carried out in this thus doing
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more or less elongated and generally very tapering and fine at one
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sound waves but their transformation into electrical energy. It seems
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have representatives in the rumen of Euminauts see p. 361.
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differences as yet unknown. It is 1 consider requisite
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in the joints tendon sheaths subcutaneous tissues peri
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ibe hrdrxmia. The changed condition of tlie blood also induces the
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health service it will be necessary for us to combine counties into districts.
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if we except a slight prolapse of vitreous in two cases
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With the signing of the armistice on November 11 1918 retrenchment
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whether primary or secondary assume different forms. There may be a
Mullen John William Iadison New George W. Greensburg Nutt
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among these lowest of plantation negroes as it does
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familiar with the strict rules of the service. Yet the veterinary
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whiter and more opaque than the paratyphoid which were small
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negative save for tenderness in the right iliac fos
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tempt at accommodation. One case No. 7 showed in the first
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that the interaction of all pathogenic microbes and the tissues
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begin in the vicinity of the membranes and at a later
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ment of the diaphragm is another suggestion but were
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questions which were raised during the war. Thus the
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honourable au institution it is most necessary to act
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maintained and a sufficient control of the foreign population to
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anything to offer that could be considered a marked advance upon Galen

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