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complaints under this head will tend to be fewer from now

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by drugs without rest. If the pulse rate and the overaction of

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so short a time to the different conditions of atmo

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Very closely associated with Pasteur s work on antlirax is

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cludes with a short chapter on trephining the spine

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be enlarged as Cbe clinical manifestations may yary as fhey do

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dishonorable or immoral conduct. New Southern schools as the majority of them

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and its veins large as if congested. Contents of stomach un

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more about the duration of this immunity. He now recommends the

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elder Warren had a larger private practice in Boston than any

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startling surprises in the fertile brain of the gifted learned and energetic

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serve Corps. Ordered to active duty from July 14 to

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Coritim proper. The vessels running through the corium showed similar

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sions thirty four eclampsias and four definitely recognised as chronic

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sanci of the press the might of public speech when occasion

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exerted himself too much and finally died. The case is cited as an

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poisonous preparation bfing a coinpoinid o ippcacunnha.

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atony of the fore stomachs and febrile conditions. Specific symp

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circumcorneal vascularization. The treatment is by the

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vasion of large venous trunks the omphalomesenteric veins

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contact with diseases of other systems and in acute

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Stegomyiafasciaia is not found at Biskra and bed bugs do not appear

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were as follows No extension of dulness of resonance on percussion

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It acts on the gastric secretion Uke a bitter and is credited

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and quotations as regards this medicine. It would be

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But I must hasten to the consideration of another dual

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Garget Mammitis. Inflammation of the udder in cows is often of

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of so called morals and attempt to regulate the sexual relations

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segmentation and proliferation increase to many times the normal

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Spiegelberg thinks that artificial premature labour is per

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of the male and their external appearance is not unlike

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Remarks. Unless fowls are bad mixing this in the powder form into the

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and is distributed oxer the wliole trigeminal area. Conversely pain produced

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Hunter entered as a pupil at St. George s Hospital. Here he studied

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irinciple of popular representation and we trust that

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easily kept clean and one always presentable and attractive.

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I am also inclined to believe that I had permanent good

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groups of functional derangement. Of more immediate importance

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as patient becomes accustomed to pressure of the bandage. c Situation.

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those wishing to administer it had made themselves thor

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will enable us to recognize the renal lesion. These

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married 1S72 has four children all can hear and speak. S. Ethelinda

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Usually it is true these symptoms become manifest much

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movement attended perhaps with great honour or eclat but it was

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in the kidneys observed after death were very characteristic. A previously

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determination of the total solids in the blood were drawn at regular intervals

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recommendation is that no place is fit for use in a school

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tion with the pituita or phlegm. At an early date this process

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giving the boards of health of the two cities supervision over all new

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research and to improve technique it has complied with all of the rigid

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the disease does not necessarily exclude the possibility of the occurrence of

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flock to our public institutions is because they have

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spread of leprosy that the disease was not common in

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to be answered here as well as in Great Britain. There

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them in pyxol solution for a period of from 30 to 60 seconds.

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Laache found the line of thought of Josefson s communication

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laryngeal ulceration is not infrequent in severe cases being commonly

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scattered deposit over whole surface of distal end of metatarso

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The latter method had been proved to cause necrosis of

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out. The thorax is definitely of the rachitic and pigeon

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testify. It is different being here on a subject other than budget

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corrhoea irritation and smarting of genitals. Sexual intercourse

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easily concealed by the turban or some other head covering. The

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caustic afterwards to be applied. Mr. Youatt prefers nitrate of silver freely

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that we have in the field what we want to photograph.

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conform to regulations if she causes a scandal in the

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and F C. Eells of Missoula and they were declared duly elected.

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snuffles. The skin often has a sallow earthy hue. The eruptions are first

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According to circumstances clysters of cold water or with nar

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told that though only four weeks old when brought to hospital

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what larger than a cricket ball could be felt firmly attached to the

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on knee resemble psoriasis considers it an atypical form

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medical and surgical treatment of the very best quality.

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their different degi ces of virulence or concentratedness the

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of positive tests for arsenic nor the amount of the drug

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in origin as is generally thought but is mainly the

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child s welfare. Is our responsibility fully discharged

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Dr. Lawrence moved that the report be received and that they con

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osis and extends gradually backward toward the kidney. Thus

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bloodless. This formalin has a much more penetrative

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its blood supply almost entirely from the rich anastomosis of the

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apply the ordinary muslin bandage over this. The palmar

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relatively large yet relatively too small for scientific deduction. We refused

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on September 24th. Officers for the ensuing year were

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Sir William Willcox said that he tliought Dn Guelpa

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the general dissemination of the spirochetes. It has been and is

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anything to offer that could be considered a marked advance upon Galen

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