iPad Model Numbers – A Comprehensive Guide

Key Takeaway:

  • Identifying your iPad model number is important for troubleshooting issues, upgrading your device, and selling it. It also helps avoid compatibility issues when purchasing accessories or downloading apps.
  • You can identify your iPad model number by checking the back cover or accessing the Settings app. The original packaging and external characteristics like the connector type or screen size can also provide this information.
  • Understanding the specific characteristics and features of your iPad model number is crucial for optimizing performance and finding compatible accessories. Each iPad generation and type added new features and specifications. The easiest way to identify an iPad model is by looking at the model number printed on the back cover or in the Settings app.



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Introduction: Technology requires exact identification of devices. Hence, iPad model number is significant. Reference data helps us understand how it works. Each iPad has a unique model number on its back. It’s a mix of letters and numbers. To know what it means, it needs special knowledge. Knowing the iPad model number is essential. Without this info, users may buy wrong accessories or download software that isn’t compatible. Many people have had bad experiences due to their lack of model number knowledge. For instance, they may use the wrong charger or fail to download software that only works with newer iPad models. Therefore, being aware of the letter/number combination is essential!

Importance of identifying iPad model number

Importance of identifying iPad model number

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Identifying the model number of an iPad is essential. It helps when buying accessories, updating software, and troubleshooting problems. The model number gives info about the device’s generation, storage capacity, and cellular support.

Using a table to identify the iPad’s model number can be helpful. The table displays Model, Generation, Storage Capacity, Screen Size, and Cellular Support. For instance, the model number for an iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 4th generation with 256GB storage capacity and cellular support is MY2M2LL/A.

Knowing the iPad’s model number is important for authorized repairs. Apple only provides customer support, repairs, and replacements for supported devices. Additionally, it’s useful when purchasing or selling a used iPad. Knowing the accurate model number gives essential info about the device’s specs and generation.

Ways to identify iPad model number

Ways to identify iPad model number

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If you are an iPad user, it is crucial to know your device’s model number when it comes to purchasing accessories or seeking support. In this section, we will discuss the various approaches to identifying your iPad model number. We will examine how to check the back cover, use the Settings app, check the original packaging, and observe external characteristics. Identifying your iPad model number is essential for all iPad owners, so let’s dive in.

Check back cover for model number

It is important to know your iPad’s model number. This number is usually printed on the back cover in small letters near the bottom. Knowing the product label found on the back cover can tell you about storage capacity, connectivity options, and other features.

It is important to remember that some iPads look similar. So it is important to check the specific model number. Most iPad versions have unique numbers printed on the cover.

To find the model number of your iPad, flip it over so the front is facing down. On the bottom, look for a series of numbers and letters. This is the prime location to check.

If you can’t find it on the back cover, look at the settings or original packaging documentation. Don’t worry; there are other ways to identify the model number.

Find model number in Settings app

Locate your iPad’s unique model number quickly and simply with a four-step process in the Settings app. Open the app and select “General” on the left. Tap “About” and look for the “Model Number” section. It will have a mix of letters and numbers. This is convenient and doesn’t require any extra devices.

Know your iPad’s model number because there are various models with different generations and sizes. If selling your iPad, you must identify its model number to get the correct compensation.

Plus, check the original box if you’ve kept it. Apple product packaging can be handy! Take advantage of these methods and find your iPad’s model number today.

Check original packaging for model number

Selling, repairing or updating your iPad? Identify the model number! The easiest way is to check the original packaging. Get the box and look for a label or sticker. Find the “Model Number” or “Model Identifier”. Note this info. Also check for serial number, storage capacity, warranty info and more.

No original packaging? Other ways exist – but check with an expert. Unsure about your iPad model and value? iGotOffer offers appraisal services and the best prices. External characteristics will help you identify your iPad model number. So be sure to check the original packaging.

Use external characteristics to identify device

When trying to identify different iPad models, it’s essential to look at the external features such as color, size, shape and port/button location. But, relying only on these characteristics can be unreliable. That’s why it’s best to use other identification methods too!

The iPad models come in a range of sizes, from the mini 7.9-inch iPad Mini to the 9.7-inch iPad Air and even the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. They can have different materials – aluminum or plastic. The home button location may change between landscape and portrait, some models have Touch ID and others don’t. Also, the type and placement of ports can differ, with some having Lightning connections and others USB-C.

External characteristics are useful, but it’s important to check with other identification methods too. It’s possible that a device which looks like an earlier model may actually be a later one with a similar design. That’s why using other identification methods can help you to determine accurate information about your device.

Like with a significant other, don’t solely rely on external features to identify your iPad model. Cross-check with other methods for more reliable information.

Understanding iPad model numbers and characteristics

Understanding iPad model numbers and characteristics

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Apple’s iPad range has indeed become a vital aspect of our digital lives, with a wide array of models to select from. However, navigating this vast collection to find the suitable one can be arduous. In this section, we’ll provide an overview of iPad models, their features, generations, and types, to aid in your decision-making. Additionally, we’ll delve into the specifics of iPad Air models and other iPad variations, empowering you to make an informed choice.

Overview of iPad generations and types

It’s essential to understand the different iPad generations and types to accurately identify a model number. Each generation adds new features and characteristics, so it’s key to distinguish between them. To help, the table below provides an overview of each generation’s release date, sizes, display type, connectivity options, and iOS compatibility.

The table showcases some iPad generations and types, eg. the 1st gen iPad, iPad 2, 3rd & 4th gen, 5th & 6th gen, and 7th gen. Each iPad model has its own special features, like Retina displays, GSM and CDMA connectivity, antireflective coating, and true-tone display features.

For example, the iPad Air series started with the fifth-gen release in 2019. It has an all-screen design that increases the screen size while reducing its overall size. It also has hardware upgrades that set it apart from other iPad models.

If you want a more detailed list of iPad generations and types, please check the reference links below.

Specifics on iPad Air models

If you’re after info on iPad Air models, it’s key to know each has its own unique features. The table outlines the screen size and generation for each model – a must for identifying your device and finding out its resale value.

Especially impressive is the latest iPad Air (3rd generation). It has a larger 10.5-inch screen and a faster 7th-generation platform. Plus, it supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard technology – great for creative folk or students wanting a robust and versatile device. To get the best out of your iPad Air, know the differences between each model before you buy or sell.

Other iPad models and their characteristics

To understand iPad models aside from the iPad Air, one must consider their specs and features. A reference data can give a table which compares each model based on screen size, resolution, connectivity, storage, processor, camera and battery life.

For example, the 1st-gen iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch display, with a 1024×768 pixel resolution. It has Lightning connector and options for Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular. The 8th-gen iPad has a 10.2-inch Retina display, A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine processor, 8MP back camera and 1.2MP front camera. Plus, it has Touch ID, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support.

Every iPad model has its own unique design, hardware and software. Research from reliable sources, like Apple’s website or expert device evaluators such as iGotOffer, helps buyers and sellers make informed decisions.

iGotOffer says that iPads remain valuable if they’re in good condition and with the latest iOS version. Knowing the model number is important for buyers and sellers to get accurate pricing estimates.

Selling old iPads

Selling old iPads

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Looking to sell your old iPad? iGotOffer can help you get the best price by providing access to check the device’s status and offering top-notch services. You can get the highest value for your old iPad while ensuring a smooth selling process.

iGotOffer’s services and access to check device status

Searching for a way to sell your old iPad? Look no further! iGotOffer is here to help. Just check the status of your device and receive a free quote on its features and condition. Request a pre-paid label shipment and get same-day payment.

Plus, you’re covered by their 30-day price lock guarantee – even if prices drop during the transaction, you’ll still get the originally agreed-upon higher price. If the device isn’t in the condition as described or is non-functional, they offer hassle-free returns within seven days.

iGotOffer also keeps you up-to-date with market trends and ensures privacy by securely deleting user data on registered devices. So, to sell your old iPads, iGotOffer is the perfect choice.

Best price for selling old iPads

If you’re wanting the best price for selling your old iPads, consider these points. Firstly, identify which model you have. Use any of the methods in this article for an accurate estimation of its worth.

  1. Secondly, clean up and restore it to factory settings. This will remove personal data and present a well-maintained product.
  2. Thirdly, choose a reputable buyer like iGotOffer. While newer models may fetch a higher price, some older models may still be valuable, depending on their condition and uniqueness. Knowing the model and proper maintenance can increase its worth.

Interestingly, iGotOffer has paid out over $14 million dollars for used Apple products. So, if you want the best price for your old iPad, follow the steps and pick iGotOffer.

Conclusion for iPad Model Numbers


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The iPad is becoming more and more popular. It is vital to understand the different models. This includes their model numbers. This number contains info on storage, connectivity and more. Each iPad has a unique model number. You can find it on the back or in the Settings app. It is made up of numbers and letters. This gives info on size, storage and cellular capabilities.

Before buying, it is advised to research and compare the models and their numbers. This will guarantee you get the iPad that suits you. Knowing the model number is essential when buying an iPad. For example, A2419 is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities and 256GB storage. An iPad with model number A2270 is a 10.9-inch iPad Air with only Wi-Fi and 64GB storage.

The model number is also useful for troubleshooting or seeking support. To sum up, understanding the model number helps you make an informed decision before buying. This ensures you get an iPad that fits your needs and preferences.

Some Facts About iPad Model Numbers:

  • ✅ Apple introduced the first iPad on April 3, 2010. (Source: iGotOffer)
  • ✅ Each iPad generation and type added new features and specifications. (Source: iGotOffer)
  • ✅ The easiest way to identify an iPad model is by looking at the model number printed on the back cover. (Source: SquareUp)
  • ✅ iGotOffer offers the best price for selling old iPads. (Source: iGotOffer)
  • ✅ iGotOffer also offers free access to check IMEI/MEID/ESN for any device and iCloud status for Apple devices with IMEI number. (Source: iGotOffer)
  • ✅ The Verge published a video review of the Apple iPad (2018) on April 3, 2018. (Source: iGotOffer)
  • ✅ iPad Air 4th generation (launched in 2020) has model numbers A2316, A2324, A2325, A2072, a 10.9” display size, and a USB-C connector type. (Source: SquareUp)
  • ✅ iPad Air 3rd generation (launched in 2019) has model numbers A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154, a 10.5” display size, and a Lightning connector type. (Source: SquareUp)
  • ✅ iPad Air 2 (launched in late 2014) has model numbers A1566, A1567, a 9.7” display size, and a Lightning connector type. (Source: SquareUp)
  • ✅ iPad Air (launched in late 2013 and early 2014) has model numbers A1474, A1475, A1476, a 9.7” display size, and a Lightning connector type. (Source: SquareUp)
  • ✅ iPad Pro and iPad mini models are also available, but specific information on their model numbers, display sizes, and connector types is not provided. (Source: SquareUp)
  • ✅ The iPad (3rd generation) was released on March 16, 2012, with model numbers starting with the letter “A”, and had nine variations with options for black or white front glass panels and 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Its connectivity options were Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi + 4G (LTE) on Verizon, AT&T, Telus, Rogers, or Bell in North America, and Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G (on the Wi-Fi + Cellular model) in the rest of the world. The tablet shipped with iOS 5 and featured a Retina Display, Apple A5X chip with quad-core graphics, 5-megapixel camera, HD 1080p video recording, voice dictation, and LTE support in North America. (Source: SimplyFixIt)

FAQs about Ipad Model Number

How can I identify my iPad model number?

To identify your iPad model, the easiest way is by looking at the model number printed on the back cover. You can also find your iPad model number in the Settings app or on the original packaging.

What information does the iPad model number provide?

The iPad model number provides information about the specific model, including its generation, display size, storage capacity, and connector type.

How do I know which generation iPad I have?

You can determine which generation iPad you have by referencing the iPad Versions table or external characteristics provided in the iPad Generations list. Each iPad generation and type added new features and specifications.

What are the connectivity options for iPads outside of North America?

The connectivity options for iPads outside of North America include Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular (on the Wi-Fi + Cellular model) with 3G connectivity.

What is the difference between a Lightning connector and a USB-C connector?

A Lightning connector is a proprietary connector developed by Apple and used to charge and sync iOS devices, while a USB-C connector is a universal connector used by many devices.

How do I sell my old iPad, and where can I get the best price for it?

You can sell your old iPad through websites like iGotOffer, which offers the best price for used devices. They also provide free access to check IMEI/MEID/ESN for any device and iCloud status for Apple devices with an IMEI number.