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telligent part of the community. Alvarez has had the

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lent Fund held on Friday the iSth instant Sir George Burrows Bart.

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likewise to the London Pathological Society two cases of ball thrombi

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were many rather thick coarse forms but a few were very gracile.

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epigastrium. Respiration was painful and after food the abdominal pam

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He did most to promote the movement for hospitalisation of

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cases with both the appearance and the symptoms of bleeding polypus

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Semilunar cartilage and tibia none. Great toe phalangeal joint

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their identification. It will be remembered that Dr.

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and in place of a mirror the apparatus is provided with a movable

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he sees the usually described redness of the fauces

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from a qualitative point of view quantitatively they

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predominate over physical and in which the patient may go

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Adult Dose 20 to 60 drops every third or fourth hour according

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to vhich titc aneurism become adherent finally ftmuab tta walL U

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prescribed for him fairly large doses of potassium iodide.

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may continue more moderately for ten or twelve days ex

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which gives the curls the appearance of having lumps of

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uric acid values. In the gouty patient the administration of a known

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sages and the intestine I regard as an indication for thorough

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interstices could be seen very little caseation had occurred except at

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possible in mycosis beibre the appearance of the true mycotic

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an ointment containing a small proportion of the ammonio chloride or some

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inception of otogenic thrombophlebitis the fact being that in 16

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fornia 1874 79. Instructor in Analytical Chemistry University of California

catapres tablets 100 mcg

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